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6. Jeff Hardy Reveals What Led To His Drug Addiction Problems

During an appearance on The Art of Wrestling podcast, Raw Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy discussed his drug addiction problems. Jeff revealed what led to his addiction problems:

“It was the schedule, definitely, with the WWE because if you’re on RAW back in, I don’t know, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, something like that, and if you’re on RAW, you’re basically gone Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, come home Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday are your weekends, basically. Do it all again. Then, you’ve got the long haul of the tours, the overseas tours can last up to two weeks or whatever, but I think, overall, because I have these other outlets as far as, like when I see something I want to paint, I’ve got to go get a canvas and do it. If I have this song in my head, I’ve got to record it, get a demo down or something. And motocross was huge for me too, and, like, building tracks because I love that sh*t so much.

I never had time for that there in WWE, and oh my gosh, I think that just drove me over the edge, especially with the opioid addiction with the Vicodin and the somas, man, because it became something bigger than me and I was going, I knew deep down, ‘man, I can’t live my life like this and depend on this pill, like, everyday to get this feeling.’ And I knew better.”

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