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Current Top WWE Star Tried To Get A Match Against Triple H

Triple H Not Wrestling At WrestleMania 36

• Current Top WWE Star Tried To Get A Match Against Triple H

During an interview with Fightful, former WWE Champion AJ Styles was asked who’s the last big name he tried to have a match with.

The Phenomenal One named The Game:

“Well, the last person I tried was Triple H. I didn’t get him. I don’t know who the next guy is or if there will be another one.

Now we’ve got the younger talent coming up. Maybe I’m the match that they would like to have. I would like to have some good ones before I retire. Who knows?

I don’t know who’s going to be next. None of us do. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Triple H vs. AJ Styles is a match that many fans wanted to see, but it’ll never happen now because HHH is retired from in-ring competition due to his heart issues.

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (August 4, 1984) – WWF Philadelphia House Show

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on August 4, 1984, the World Wrestling Federation held a televised house show at the Philadelphia Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The event was televised on the PRISM Network and featured Gorilla Monsoon & Dick Graham on commentary.

The results can be found here:

Bob Backlund pinned Salvatore Bellomo

Gama Singh pinned Dave Barbie (Prime Time Wrestling – 6/25/85)

Mr. Fuji pinned Tiger Chung Lee

Andre the Giant defeated Big John Studd by count-out

WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Greg Valentine

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts defeated Ron Shaw, Rene Goulet & Charlie Fulton (Georgia Championship Wrestling – 8/19/84)

The Haiti Kid pinned Dana Carpenter

Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Jose Luis Rivera (Georgia Championship Wrestling – 8/19/84)

Jesse Ventura defeated Rocky Johnson by count-out

Kamala pinned Fred Marzino [sub. for Terry Daniels] (Georgia Championship Wrestling – 8/12/84)

Ken Patera pinned Steve Lombardi (Georgia Championship Wrestling – 8/19/84)

Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana pinned the Iron Sheik (TNT – 8/21/84)

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