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Current WrestleMania 34 Plan For Ronda Rousey Revealed

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (JANUARY 29, 1983) – “Are You A Sissy?”

On this day in 1983, Old School Wrestling Legend Terry Funk asked Jerry “The King” Lawler on an episode of CWA Memphis Wrestling TV, whether he was “a sissy”.

Haha that’s something you wouldn’t never see anymore nowadays (in order not to hurt some overly sensitive people’s feelings). Good Stuff. God bless the good old days of Professional Wrestling.

You can watch the segment below:

• WWE Stock Hits All-Time High After XFL Announcement

After Vince McMahon officially announced the return of XFL in 2020, WWE Stock hit an all-time high and closed at $34.13.

The last time WWE stock hit the $34 mark was back in 1999 when the company went public.

• Current WrestleMania 34 Plan For Ronda Rousey Revealed

According to the Wrestling Observer, current WrestleMania 34 plan for Ronda Rousey is for her to compete in a Mixed Tag Team match with her opponents being Stephanie McMahon & Triple H.

WWE officials are trying to get The Rock to come back and team up with Ronda, but if he doesn’t return, then Ronda might end up teaming with “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman (who laid out Triple H back at Survivor Series last year).

We’ll know more about Ronda’s WWE plans tonight on Raw.

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