CWF Championship Wrestling from Florida (1986 – 1987)

CWF 1/4/86
Hector Guerrero&Tyree Pride vs Jack Hart&The Red Menace
Road Warriors vs Kevin Sullivan’s Army Highlights
Jesse Barr vs Coco Samoa
Lex Lugar vs Del Apollo
VTR: Lex Lugar vs Wahoo McDaniel – Lugar tears up Wahoo’s Headdress
Maya Singh vs Raul Matta
Kevin Sullivan Threats Gordon
Blackjack Mulligan/ Wahoo McDaniel interview
Barry&Kendall Windham vs Cuban Assassin&Prince Iaukea

•February 14, 1986–Battle of the Belts II in Orlando, FL at the Eddie Graham Sports Arena:
Tyree Pride (Bahamas Champion) vs. Ron Slinker,
Kendall Windham (Florida Champion) vs. Rocky “Prince” Iaukea,
Denny Brown (NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion) vs. The White Ninja (aka Great Muta) .,
Lex Luger vs. Jesse Barr for the Southern Heavywieght title,
Bruiser Brody vs Wahoo McDaniel,
The Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin & Maya Singh,
Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Barry Windham

•September 1, 1986 – Battle of the Belts III in Daytona Beach, FL at the Ocean Center drawing 8,000:
Jimmy Backlund vs. Bob Cook,
Tyree Pride vs. The Cuban Assassin,
The Fabulous Ones (US Tag Champions) vs. The Sheepherders,
The White Ninja vs. Tim Horner for the US Junior Heavyweight title,
Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Kendo Nagasaki .,
The Road Warriors vs Ed Gantner & Kareem Muhammad,
Kendall Windham vs. Chris Champion (Bahamas Champion) .,
Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Lex Luger,
Barry Windham vs. Ron Bass for the Florida title..
CWF Florida House show Footage October 1986
Ricky Santana,
KendallWindhamvs. Jerry Grey,
Ric Flair (NWA Champion) vs. Steve Kiern,
Lex Luger vs. Kareem Muhammad (Humperdink in a cage at ringside),
some unedited blooper promos with Barry Windham and Gordon Solie,
The Falcon vs. Kenji Muto (“The White Ninja”),
Fabulous Ones vs. Sheepherders (chain),
Nagasakivs. Luger (Lumberjack),
Sheepherders vs. Kendall Windham/Steve Keirn (Loaded glove on a pole match).
Some matches are clipped
1. DustyRhodesvs Big Bubba Rogers
2. The Barbarian vs “Black Magic” Norman Smiley
3. Steve Armstrong&Tracy Smothers vs Mark Sterling&Jason Sterling
4. Mike Rotundo vs “Golden Boy” Chick Donovan
5. Stan Lane&Scott Hall vs Tommy Wright&Bob Cook
6. Lex Luger vs ?

1. Steve Armstrong&Tracy Smothers vs Chris Champion&Sean Royal
2. Tully Blanchard&Arn Anderson&Lex Luger vs Rick Ryder&Vic Steamboat&Tony Di Amato
3. Great Angle with Kevin Sullivan&Oliver Humperdinck vs Bad News Allen
4. Kevin Sullivan vs Jason Sterling
5. Jimmy Valiant Music Video
6. Mike Rotundo vs Bob Cook
7. Scott Hall&Stan Lanevs “Golden Boy”ChickDonovan&JackTowers
8. Jimmy Backlund (aka “Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray)&Black Magic vs. The Barbarian&Hank “The Bull” Gantner

•May 9, 1987–Eddie Graham Memorial in St. Petersburg, FL at The Bayfront Center:
Steve Kiern & Stan Lane (Florida Tag Team Champions) vs. The MOD Squad,
Barry Windham & Ed Gantner vs. Dory Funk Jr & Samu,
Mike Rotunda (Florida Champion) vs. Kevin Sullivan,
Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez (NWA Tag Team Champions) vs The Road Warriors,
Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs. Dusty Rhodes

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