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Daniel Bryan Felt “Detached” Before WrestleMania 37

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• Daniel Bryan Felt “Detached” Before WrestleMania 37

During a recent interview with BT Sport, SmackDown Superstar Daniel Bryan discussed his WrestleMania 37 (Night 2) main event with Roman Reigns and Edge for the Universal Championship.

Bryan noted that he felt “detached” before the match and that it might be time for his full-time WWE career to come to an end.

Here’s what Bryan said:

“I haven’t watched it back yet to be honest. I don’t know if watching it back would really help figure out why I was so detached.

I’m not a big believer in signs. Most people think of me like this hippy-dippy kind of thing because I’m an environmentalist, but I’m really not. I really love science and reality-based things.

But maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to let go of being a full-time wrestler, which is kind of what I’ve been thinking for a while.

When I first started training, Shawn Michaels said, ‘The second that you don’t get nervous right before you go out, that’s when you need to retire,’ and I don’t necessarily believe that because for a long time, I haven’t gotten nervous before I go out.

I’m excited because it’s fun, but the odd detachment was like whoa, maybe it’s either I’m gonna die (laughs) or it’s time.

Maybe this is just a sign that this isn’t the same type of fulfilling that it was before, so it’s interesting.

I don’t know. I just said I’m not hippy-dippy, and I’ve been trying to meditate on it and talk to my friends that I’m close with to be like, ‘Hey, what is that?’”

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