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Darren Young Reveals Why Vince McMahon Threatened To Fire Nexus


• Old School ECW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School ECW Veteran Mikey Whipwreck (Real name: John Watson) celebrates his 47th birthday today.

Mikey Whipwreck was originally a member of the ring crew in Todd Gordon’s NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling, but Mick Foley trained him to become a professional wrestler, who debuted in February 1994.

After the promotion was renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling, Mikey eventually ended up winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in 1995.

He joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling for a few months in 1999, but then returned to Paul Heyman’s ECW right away, where he wrestled until the company closed its doors in January 2001.


• Darren Young Reveals Why Vince McMahon Threatened To Fire Nexus

While speaking on WWE’s The Bump, former WWE Tag Team Champion Darren Young said that WWE and Nexus could’ve worked out a deal for their second run this year, but the plan got cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. He also revealed why Vince McMahon threatened to fire the group once.

Below is what Young said:

“Earlier this year I was called back by WWE to be part of WrestleMania and Axxess. Who knows? The Nexus could have re-debuted in WWE, but with the pandemic, everything was cancelled, so I was devastated.”

Nexus attacked several legends, including Bret Hart, during their run in WWE. Young revealed that Vince McMahon wanted them to make those assaults look good or he would fire them.

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