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Dean Ambrose Comments On Rejecting One Last Favor For Vince McMahon

Dean Ambrose

• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Veteran Black Bart (Real name: Richard Harris) celebrates his 71st birthday today.

Black Bart wrestled for several territories during his career, such as Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF), World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), Mid-South Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and many, many more.

Black Bart also wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation in 1990 & 1991, where he was used as a “Jobber to the Stars”, putting over a lot of their Superstars at that time.

He also joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling as a member of “The Desperados” in 1991 and later returned in 1995 as an entrant in the first ever World War III Battle Royal.


• Dean Ambrose Comments On Rejecting One Last Favor For Vince McMahon

During his recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose revealed the last favor that Vince McMahon asked from him and why he rejected it.

Below is what Ambrose said:

“Vince texted in what would be four in the morning his time while I was filming this to try to get me to extend my contract to do the Europe tour. He’s like, ‘Hey pal I need a favor need you to — the biggest box office we have would be The Shield last run through Europe, whatever these dates.’ For a half a second I was like ‘eh’ and then I was like ‘no’ like now you want a favor from me, but a few months ago this isn’t how you wanted it to go. Now you need a favor.

It’s like dude, it’s not like you’re gonna put me on WrestleMania and do some angle then we’re gonna follow up on the tour with it’s like ‘no screw you.’ You want me to do your brutal post-Mania tour, but I’m like call Dave [Bautista], call Triple H, call Brock…you know what I mean?

Call somebody else. I ain’t your Huckleberry this time. So what I told him was that ‘sorry I’m committed to a film project’ which technically I wasn’t lying because I knew he would take it that I was on a movie set, but the film project I was committed to was dropping this at exactly midnight (his post-WWE Jon Moxley vignette). When I’m like I’ve already committed. I’ve already paid for it. I’m out here running through fields at four in the morning like I’m done man. This is happening.”

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