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Dean Ambrose Winning WWE World Title At Survivor Series 2015?

Before Seth Rollins got injured, there were plans for Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Title at either Survivor Series 2015 or TLC 2015.

The plans didn’t change after Rollins’ injury and Reigns was still scheduled to win the WWE World Title tournament at Survivor Series 2015.

However, PWInsider is reporting that many officials have been pushing for Dean Ambrose to capture the WWE World Title by defeating Roman Reigns in the finals of the tournament. The final decision is still in Vince McMahon’s hands.

Also, it is heavily speculated that either Reigns or Ambrose would turn heel at Survivor Series 2015. While Triple H is keen on turning Reigns heel and put him in the Authority, Vince is not sold on this idea.

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