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Dean Ambrose’s Wife Reacts To Ambrose Leaving WWE In April

Renee Young

• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (January 30, 1996) – ECW Hardcore TV

On this day in 1996, Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘ECW Hardcore TV’.

You can find the card below:

– Highlights Of What Happened So Far During Tonights Show

– Highlights Of The Pitbulls vs. The Gangstas

– Highlights Of Bubba Ray Dudley vs. JT Smith

– Highlights Of Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

– Shane Douglas/Tommy Dreamer vs. Cactus Jack/Mikey Whipwreck (ECW Tag Team Title Match)

– Promo By Shane Douglas

– The Sandman vs. Raven (ECW World Heavyweight Title Match) (Clipped)

– Promo By Raven & Kimona

– In Ring Promo By The Sandman And Woman

– Too Cold Scorpio Joins Them

– Woman Gets Kicked Out Of ECW

• Dean Ambrose’s Wife Reacts To Ambrose Leaving WWE In April

As we noted yesterday, WWE confirmed that RAW wrestler Dean Ambrose will indeed leave the company. Below is the statement that WWE issued:

“Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April. We are grateful and appreciative of all that Dean has given to WWE and our fans. We wish him well and hope that one day Dean will return to WWE.”

Below is what Ambrose’s wife, WWE commentator Renee Young, posted on Instagram regarding this:

“This guy. The world is yours, my love. ❤️ no guts no glory.”


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This guy. The world is yours, my love. ❤️ no guts no glory.

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WATCH: Dean Ambrose Saves His Wife Renee Young’s Phone On RAW:

According to PWInsider, the contract that Ambrose rejected was a 5 year deal worth seven figures annually. It was also noted that money is no longer an issue for Ambrose as he has made enough money while being on the WWE main roster for 6 years and he doesn’t live an expensive lifestyle.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the main reason why Ambrose wants to leave WWE is that he doesn’t like doing “hokey things”, which includes scripted interviews/promos.

For those who don’t know, promos and interview segments nowadays are written by WWE writers and have to be said word to word by the WWE stars. Back in the day, wrestlers were only given bullet points (main things that they needed to cover while cutting a promo).

Below are Ambrose’s accomplishments in WWE:

– 1x WWE Champion

– 3x Intercontinental Champion

– 2x RAW Tag Team Champion

– 1x United States Champion

– 1x Money In The Bank

– Triple Crown Champion

– Grand Slam Champion

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