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Dijak Reveals How Much Was WWE’s Cut From His Cameo Earnings

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, featuring Dijak and MJF.

• Dijak, known for his run in NXT, has confirmed his imminent departure from WWE. After a less successful transition to the main roster, Dijak’s contract is set to expire this month without renewal, making June 28th his last day with the company.

In a tweet marking his departure, Dijak revealed that WWE used to take 50% of his Cameo earnings. To celebrate his newfound freedom, he announced a price cut for his Cameo videos, reducing them to $49.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“To celebrate WWE no longer taking half of my Cameo money, I am cutting my current price in half to $49! Get Ratio’d b*tches.”

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• AEW, known for its edgy content and liberal use of profanity, appears to be facing new restrictions from Warner Bros Discovery. This change was evident on the June 26 episode of Dynamite, where several instances of swearing were censored, including during MJF’s promo.

The Wrestling Observer highlighted this shift, noting that Warner Bros Discovery has become stricter about language on their broadcasts. Previously accepted words and phrases are now being bleeped, indicating a significant change in the network’s approach to profanity:

“There’s definitely something that’s changed in WBD when it comes to language because they were bleeping tame stuff and they used to let almost everything go. Somebody somewhere has decided that what they were doing before is no longer kosher.”

This new stance marks a departure from AEW’s initial promise of a raw and unfiltered take on professional wrestling.

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