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D’Lo Brown Reveals Why The WWF Locker Room Laughed At John Cena

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During an appearance on the ‘Attitude Era’ podcast, former WWF Superstar D’Lo Brown shared some of his memories from several 2001 shows, in which quite a few of the boys from the World Wrestling Federation locker room were laughing at John Cena, while they were sitting in the crowd and watching his non-televised dark matches.

Here’s what D’Lo had to say:

“I’ll tell you this. Here, I’ll give you a little story. Here, so, in WWF we do dark matches, right? They’re matches that no one sees on TV.

So, for about a year John Cena kept coming in as The Prototype. And the boys, all of us would go sit up in the stands because back then it wasn’t full arenas.

So, we can go sit up in the arena and no one would see us and you could watch the matches.

And we would laugh at John Cena going ‘He’s so robotic. He’s so robotic’.”

D’Lo Brown is most famously remembered for his 1997-2003 WWF/WWE run, in which he was a member of The Nation of Domination at the beginning.

John Cena finally made his official (televised) WWE debut in 2002, answering Kurt Angle’s open challenge on ‘SmackDown!’ and then became an evil rapper towards the end of that year, which eventually made him a big star and turned him back into a babyface in late 2003.

John won his first World Title in 2005 when he defeated JBL in the co-main event of WrestleMania 21 to become the new WWE Champion … and the rest – so they say – is history.

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