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Dolph Ziggler Reacts To CM Punk Getting Aggressive With His Brother

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CM Punk has been in the news this week for having heat with multiple talents in AEW. One of those talents is Ryan Nemeth, the younger brother of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

As noted before, The Wrestling Observer reported that Punk caused Nemeth to be sent back home from last Saturday’s Collision.

Nemeth had sent out a tweet calling Punk the “softest man alive” on the night of his return when Punk called The Young Bucks “Counterfeit Bucks” on the debut episode of Collision.

PWTorch provided more information later and revealed that Punk did not appreciate it and cornered Nemeth in the locker room when they crossed paths on Dynamite. He got aggressive with him and asked him if things needed to be settled outside.

PWInsider added that Nemeth not saying hello to Punk before the Collision taping is also a possible reason of heat between them.

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Amid all of the rumors going around about heat between Nemeth and Punk, Dolph Ziggler took to Twitter on Tuesday to show support for his brother.

He shared a picture of himself in which he’s wearing Nemeth’s merchandise and declared the day a national appreciation day for Nemeth.

“I can’t stand that scumbag, hunk

but it is #HunkAppreciationDay

so I will abide & “be a hunk”

how are you celebrating ?#hunkappreciationday”

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