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Dominik Mysterio Posts CM Punk’s Botch From AEW To Mock Him Ahead Of Their Match

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Dominik Mysterio and Drew McIntyre.

• At the end of this month, CM Punk will have his first match in WWE in almost 10 years, when he faces Dominik Mysterio at a Live Event.

Punk promoted this match while doing MMA commentary at a CFFC event, where he said the following:

“I’ve been wanting to punch this kid in the face since he was 8 years old. Now he’s legal and I’m gonna destroy him.”

Dirty Dom responded by posting a GIF of Punk botching a springboard clothesline in AEW and wrote:

“Punch me like this please… @CMPunk #bestintheworld”

• Drew McIntyre interrupted World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ promo in the ring on RAW and said he’s proud of Rollins for not turning a blind eye and refusing to kiss CM Punk’s a$$ last week.

McIntyre then got emotional while talking about how much family time he has sacrificed to make his career work and that some of his loved ones have passed away during his journey. McIntyre said he needs to win the World Title at Day 1 and he’s willing to hurt Seth to get it.

Rollins said the only person keeping Drew away from winning the World Heavyweight Title is Drew himself. A brawl broke out, which ended with Drew hurting Seth’s arm by driving him into the steel ring steps.

Sean Ross Sapp reported the following about McIntyre’s promo:

“The story that Drew McIntyre is telling on WWE TV is very close to something he and his family have been going through. He hasn’t taken time off or asked for time off, and keeps performing.”

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