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Dustin Rhodes Says Vince McMahon Better Watch His A$$

Dustin Rhodes Goldust AEW All Elite Wrestling 2019

• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Legendary Old School Wrestling Personality Eric Bischoff celebrates his 63rd birthday today.

After being an announcer for the AWA and WCW, he moved up the ladder and became the President of Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling promotion, as well as the on-screen manager of the most famous faction in Professional Wrestling history: The New World Order (nWo).

The last time we saw him in a major role on TV, was for TNA iMPACT Wrestling from 2010 to 2012. He has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but it’s obviously just a question of “when” and not “if”.


• Dustin Rhodes Says Vince McMahon Better Watch His A$$

Dustin Rhodes lost to Cody Rhodes in an incredible match at All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing PPV this past Saturday night.

During a post-PPV interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dustin had the following to say about the match:

“I think we told the best story that we possibly could. Or, I did. I know I did. So I hope it was good for the people. I hope it was good for Cody. I definitely think it was good for AEW. I’m excited about them and what they are doing because they are fixing to take over the world and Vince better watch his a$$.”

Dustin then also revealed how he got busted open during his match:

“Cody’s cane has a wolf head on it so Brandi — I know she doesn’t like me, at all — right? I really don’t care for her either, but she hit me square in almost my temple — it felt like my temple. Then I went down and I’m like what the hell? Then she speared me and I rolled over and [blood] started shooting out. It started shooting out I was like, oh god, oh god that’s a deep one.

[The blood] was blinding at times in the match it was like, ‘oh man it won’t stop.’ It just kept coming. I think the sweat in the building does that too, probably my nerves because I was so hyped up for it.”

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