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DX Member Buries 17 Fellow WWF Stars

Road Dogg Jesse James DX

In this flashback article, we take a look at Old School WWF Attitude Era Superstar Road Dogg burying 17 fellow WWF stars in shoot interviews.

Below are the highlights:


Host: Thoughts on Raven?

Road Dogg: Hate his guts. I think I don’t like him. He thinks too much of him.


Host: How was the Rena Mero (now Rena Marlette Lesnar) as Sable?

Road Dogg: I hated her guts and that’s just the truth from the get-go.

Host: Did she change at all as she got more successful?

Road Dogg: I never noticed it because I hated her guts from the get-go and and I never talked to her again after the third time I met her. And it was just over something silly.

I knew Marc Mero from (his time as) Johnny B. Badd from WCW. So I was ribbing him one day about his pyro. They had some sparklers going on. It was like chintzy pyro. So I said, whoo that’s good pyro you got there, Marc. I said why don’t you stick a sparkler up your a$$ and run to the ring.

You know. (I was) just ribbin’ and she said, “Well, at least he’s got pyro.” And I thought, you know what f*ck you! And that was the last time I ever had to say f*ck you to her. Then I left it to everybody else to hate her guts and sh*t in her bag and do all that stuff.


Road Dogg: Scott Hall was a whiner. I like Scott Hall. I got along with Scott Hall. But he was definitely a whiner. He was always saying, “Man it’s two o’clock in the morning where I’m from.” You know, like if we were in another time zone! And (saying), “Man, I’m tired. Could you hit me a little harder with that clothesline next time?”

That’s the kind of stuff I’m getting. Here I am six months in the business where he was working with Jeff (Jarrett) for that Intercontinental Title and I was the Roadie and I hit a cheap shot on him with stuff and he’s complaining about it and he’s twice my size and he’s been wrestling for ten years in Japan and everywhere else and he just always was kind of complaining.

Me and him had a couple of different fallings out, but he liked me and I liked him.


Road Dogg: When they upgraded Debra and me and Billy (Gunn) were Tag Team Champions. She got upgraded first class because she was dating Steve (Austin) and that’s no problem. I don’t have a problem at all. Upgrade her. Put her right up there with her boyfriend, with her husband. Damn sure, do it.

But if you’re gonna do that, put your Tag Team Champions up there too. You know what I mean? We’re not the Hardy Boys. We’re a little bigger. I mean, of course, they’re better wrestlers than us but we’re a little bigger. And we were the tag team champs. So hell upgrade us too.

Well, Jim Ross said that they lied to me twice right to my face and said he didn’t upgrade her. And I found out it to be a lie. So I went and cursed Ross out like there was no tomorrow. I said if your face hadn’t already half fallen off, I swear to god I’d punch the other cheek.

I said that you’re just a fat lying piece of sh*t. At the time fifteen years ago, he had talked bad about my father in a meeting or so, I heard. He swore that wasn’t true. But he also swore he didn’t upgrade Debra right in the same sentence before that. And I said, just for talking about my dad who I’ve never heard a bad thing about, for that you’re a piece of sh*t.

But now, you’ve lied to me to my face two times in 20 minutes. I said so you’re nothing but a fat lying piece of sh*t. I said don’t ever talk to me again. I said if you ever need anything you have somebody in your office call my house because if you call my house I swear to god we’ll fight.

It was all in the kayfabe, word for word and everything what was in there, because it just happened in the hallway. I couldn’t help it. I mean, he lied right to my face twice.


Road Dogg: He’s DDP. He doesn’t want to do a job. He doesn’t want to get beat. I wasn’t surprised at all that he didn’t want to do a job. DDP writes his whole match out: what you’re gonna do and what he’s gonna do and hands it to you.


Road Dogg: The only one time the Nasty Boys kind of tried to treat me with a little disrespect and I almost beat up one’s brains out. Sags I guess his name is. It was in Columbus, Georgia or Augusta, Georgia. I’m not sure.

Mideon, he saved that guy’s life. They just tried to treat me bad and disrespect me in the ring. And they were already beating me and my partner, there’s no reason to do that. At the same time I’m lucky that people treated me with respect. I almost wanted that respect. I almost demand that kind of respect because I’ll treat you with respect. But if they’re not going to treat me with respect, then up their a$$. They’re both fat pieces of garbage anyway. Never made a dollar in this friggin’ business because they can’t friggin’ work.


Host: Did you ever see success get to Chyna’s head?

Road Dogg: Yeah, I saw it go to her head pretty quick. She just got horrible towards the people in airports and restaurants and it would almost be embarrassing.

And I think she learned that from Shawn Michaels as Shawn would be like that kind of a person. I mean I loved him to death, but yet he would be embarrassing me a lot while we’re sitting in the restaurant because he’s hollering them: “This sucks or this food is this sh*t! Where’s that freaking waitress?”

You know, (he’d) just throw in the trump card out too much. I mean sometimes just go in and relax and sit down and wait. If you gotta wait a few more minutes, wait a few more minutes. They ain’t no reason to get your blood pressure high about it. Just chill out.

So yeah, she changed for sure. She used to wear the glove so she wouldn’t have to shake everybody’s hand barehanded. And if she did, she would wash that stuff off her hands a lot with that antibacterial stuff. I don’t want no amoebas or whatever the hell she was thought she was getting on her or me either, but at the same time I ain’t got time to think about it.


Host: How did Rocky change at this point really when he’s starting to move up the ladder? How did he change in the locker room?

Road Dogg: He never changed towards me. I always treated him with extra disrespect. I really did too. I made it a point to treat him with extra disrespect because I wasn’t gonna allow him to treat me the way he was treating other people in the way he acted and stuff.

I wouldn’t allow him to act that way because like I said I was putting him over (at that point) and getting him ready to start up here. So you got to remember your roots man. It’ll affect the money and power will affect your head but you’ve got to keep your feet on the ground. And if you don’t, you’re gonna fall back down to the ground and it’s gonna hurt.

Host: Was there a legitimate rivalry between him (Rock) and Hunter?

Road Dogg: I don’t even think you can call anything they ever had was a rivalry because Hunter is so much smarter in the ring. I’m gonna venture out and say so much better in the ring. Rock is a good worker, but there’s a difference between a good worker and a great wrestler which Hunter is.

His psychology is second to none. I mean I know he learned a lot from Shawn Michaels and stuff but he learned a lot about being a student of the game and watching it and learning from it. And his ring psychology is second to none. And I will never go against that statement unless I meet somebody whose is better. And I’ve met almost everybody and there ain’t none better.

So to put Rock and Hunter in the same category is even ludicrous. I mean Rocky says some catchphrases and Rocky’s a good worker, but he’s only as good as the guys in there. He ain’t better than everybody else. So he damn sure ain’t better than Hunter.


Road Dogg: (Speaking on Bret calling him a mid-carder) Mid-carder, Bret? Mid-carder? In the last decade, Bret, we were the best damn tag team in professional wrestling. And if you doubt me, I’ll come and smack your half retarded a$$.

Let me go back, one time we were flying to Pensacola and Bret was in first class and I was in first class. And he called me back there and said, “What’s this I hear on the internet that you think Shawn Michaels is a better wrestler than me?”

I was like, what the f*ck is that all about. And I told him, “I think he’s a better wrestler than you. You’re good. You’re strategic or whatever. But yes, Shawn was a hell of an entertainer. I thought Shawn was a great wrestler. He was an entertainer.” So I thought that (Shawn is better) but how dare he say that! What the hell!


Host: What are your thoughts on Samoa Joe? Do you guys like his in-ring work? I mean he was a huge star before TNA and then they kind of dropped the ball from there.

Road Dogg: Honestly, how big a star was he? He was a big star to people who are really, really into wrestling. So I don’t think they dropped the ball with him. I think he was a big fish in a little pond and when you swim out there with the sharks, maybe you get exposed a little.

Joe is a great guy. He’s a good guy but when you’re great here and then you move up to the next level, either you get exposed for being “Okay you’re good, we get it” or you’ve got that certain X Factor “you’re friggin’ good”.

He was all right as a singles wrestler. I wasn’t even that good. And when they put us together, man something happened that was electric. It was not of this world. It was supernatural. And I don’t mean to sound like Santana, it’s just how it was. Something happened and electricity shot each and every viewer of TV wrestling world and I can’t explain it. I can’t take credit for it because it wasn’t nothing I did. It was just how it was.


Host: What was it like working with the Road Warriors?

Road Dogg: God it was difficult. It was really difficult. Hawk is not so bad, he’s just not a very good wrestler and he hurts you a lot. He’d been in the business so long and here we were just brand new. So of course they had trouble getting beat by us. They didn’t want to get beat by us. But it wasn’t Hawk at all, it was Joe (Animal). It was Animal who had the problem getting beat by us. He always seemed to handle their business and Hawk just kind of did what he wanted to do and just have fun wrestling. So me and him got along great.

Working with him was not good. I’m talking about doing nothing but getting your a$$ whopped for about 10 minutes and then trying as hard just to keep one of them down for 10 seconds. It’s difficult. They were difficult to work with.

But understandably, they’re coming from being the Road Warriors, the dominant force in tag team, to just having to bow down. You know what I mean? And not because we were superior force or anything but the people didn’t like them as much as they liked us. And the people dictate who’s gonna buy the tickets and stuff. So it’s got to be a pride-swallowing experience which can’t be easy for anybody. So it was difficult to work with them.


Road Dogg: I used to ride with Hunter and Chyna and they kind of snucked their nose at me because I did drugs and stuff you know. And now you see Chyna on that show, just blast out of your mind. It’s just like: how dare you. But Hunter was always a d*ck. I almost broke his nose one time.

Billy Gunn: It’s kind of for me personally was to get along with him (Hunter) because whipping his a$$ would get me fired. That would have got me fired. You beat him up, you get fired. And I wasn’t about to sacrifice the career that I had and taking care of my kids and my family at the time for whipping his a$$. So we just kind of just let it blow off. But I promise you if you were to come up to me and say, I’d beat his f*cking brains in because he’s a no-good motherf*cker.

I’ll say this just to kind of level now, he’s got talent. I don’t take any of that away. He does have talent and he can work. But when you can do that, why not you bring other guys with you and bring other guys to that point to make the whole company better. Why would you not do that?

When you have somebody, us for example, who want to get up to that next level, but he was always f*cking jerking sh*t out that. (He’d) sit there and talk to you, “Hey, you guys are doing a great.” Turn around (and he is like), “Them guys are shooting sh*t and they’re f*cking smoking.”

WHY? Why wouldn’t you let your talent speak for you? Why do you f*cking do that? Because he wants to sit on top alone.

Host: Did you guys butt heads with Triple H?

Road Dogg: I butted heads with him one time. It was actually me and you (Billy Gunn) broke up and I was doing a lot of drugs and he came. He wanted to have an intervention with me and and he said, “Hey man, you just got that Armstrong curse.” And I’m a redneck man. Don’t talk about my family. And that’s the time I almost broke his nose. I said I’ll break your big f*cking nose all over his face. I ain’t scared to do it. And X-Pac got in between us and that was the only time I really butted heads with him.

Host: Do you think DX helped the Outlaws or could you have been as just successful on your own?

Road Dogg: We would have been just as successful on our own. I don’t think they helped us. We helped them. All of a sudden we would get more over because we were doing cooler things than they were. We were just going. We had no agenda. We just went out and had fun and that’s what the people wanted to see. We just went to have fun. That’s all we ever wanted to do is just have fun, do our job, make a little money and do whatever we do.

Then as soon as they saw that we were getting over more… And I mean that’s how you get over. The people see it and everybody just sees that you’re having fun and they love seeing you. And then all of a sudden they go, “Oh, we’re gonna get washed out here. So let’s join everybody together and call them DX.”


Host: Impression of WWF wrestlers when ECW guys came in?

Road Dogg: Only a few of them came in when I was there but I didn’t like it. I had my biggest fight with Vince McMahon ever. It was over Rob Van Dam and Sabu coming in and they were gonna beat me with something. And I mean this is almost contradicting my work theory.

My stance was they don’t even work for us. Why are you gonna beat me and they were gonna beat me and then beat me down and leave me. Why sacrifice one of your lambs? I play for your team. I’m gonna be here tomorrow. I’m gonna be here the next day. These guys are just coming in to do Monday night. So I disagree. I don’t agree with what you want me to do.

He masterminded a finish and told me the finish. Then I walked out and then they came in and he told them a different finish to suit them. He told me a finish to suit me. So we got to talking and we found out this isn’t the same finishes. So I went to Gerald Brisco and said if he (Vince) didn’t have the balls to tell one of us what he wants really to happen.

It’s his television show. So if he wants me to do what they’re saying then I’m telling I’m not gonna do. I just bought a new house, I’m willing to lose it. This is wrong. So I’m not going to do it. If he ain’t got the balls to tell me the true finish, then tell him I don’t give a damn about it. So Brisco actually tells him this.

So ended up, I worked with Brooklyn Brawler and beat him in like three minutes. I never even worked with those guys. After the show when he was commentating (Vince) he walked up the ramp and he walked by me and he said, “Don’t you ever doubt my manhood again ever” and kept walking. So I was steaming by this point. I went out and had my match came back and waited by his office door forever.

I felt like he was challenging my manhood then. I figured out he crossed that line to me. He crossed my line anyway. And so I waited and waited, he was already gone. The next morning we got home, I called him straightaway.

I finally got on the phone and I said, “I don’t know what the f*ck you think you’re doing but you started this yesterday. All I tried to do is finish it about being a man. Then you tell me don’t doubt your manhood? What are you trying to tell me?”

I ended up telling him on the phone, “Fly me up to Stanford right now and I will beat your a$$ in the parking lot of Titan towers and then I’ll fly myself back home.” And he backed off big time.


Road Dogg: Everybody was scared to death of Ahmed. I actually worked with him right before he started up there in Memphis a lot. I worked with Rocky also. I just I quit up there. I came back I started with Lawler down in Memphis and I worked with Rocky a bunch (of matches) as he came through there.

Ahmed came through there. I worked a bunch of matches with him. But I literally kept it as simple as I could because he was huge and strong. So I would just sell the big man stuff and just tell him to hit me with one tackle and (I’d) just flip out the ring and walk away because I was the heel at the time and he’s the huge guy.

His attitude was bully-ish. He never bullied me. Me and him actually got along real well. I get along well with everybody until they crossed my path and then I’ll either decide, I can take them or I can’t take them. Me and Ahmed always got along good but he always bullied, it seemed like everybody else, even the agents and the office and stuff. And that ain’t cool.

We’re all here doing the same thing. Everybody has to play their part, play their position and you got to know your position which goes back to knowing your role. I mean it is true, you got to know your role. If you’re on a soap opera and you’re not the main guy, you’re not the main guy. I’m sorry. This guy up here, Todd Martin or whoever the hell it is, it’s the main guy.

So if he has to slap you in one scene or whatever you don’t b*tch about it. That’s your role. You do your part. And Ahmed had a little trouble doing his part. He thought he was big and bad and which he was, but you got to understand it ain’t about who’s the baddest because it’s fake. If it’s about who’s the baddest, Ken Shamrock would be standing in the ring and we’d all be limping and pi$$ing in our pants.


Host: When did two of you realize that Steve Austin’s character was going to take off?

Road Dogg: As soon as we started putting him over. Who hit the ring every night on RAW? Who took all the finishes? It was me and him. Who did it to the Rock? We did.

Billy: Let me tell you something because I’m kind of hot about this too. Every major building you go to, Joe Louis Arena and all those arenas, they have in the back these big pictures of people that have sold out stuff like Michael Jackson. And who was in between all that? Him taking Steve’s finish?

Road Dogg: I mean, he (Steve) got over because it was attitude and he was just a redneck son of a b*tch…

Billy: And defied the boss like all of us like you’d want to tell him to f*ck himself.

Road Dogg: And that was awesome. I mean it just connected with everybody because you want to tell your boss to f*ck off and you want to spit beer in his face or whatever. And they gave him great stuff. I’m not saying we got him over that we did get him over, but he was limited. He had bad knees and stuff. So he needed people to feed him and do that crap. And when we did it, he took off.

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