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ECW Legend Impressed With Hell In A Cell 2017, Rates It 9/10, Says WWE Made A Star With An Excellent Idea


During a recent edition of The Taz Show, ECW Legend Taz talked about the Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV and he was really impressed by what WWE booked that night.

Below is what he had to say about the main event of the show:

“I loved the show. The Hell in a Cell 2017 – I loved it. I don’t do ratings with numbers but if 10 is the highest you could give a show, I’m probably giving that a strong nine.

There’s nothing better than swerving the audience including those of us that are from the industry or wrestled or been broadcasters or work behind the scenes in any wrestling company. When you could do work, swerve and get a reaction out of someone, I humbly say I’ve been in this thing for thirty years, I tip my cap and that’s what WWE did last night with Sami Zayn.

A Star was born finally in this guy. He’s got now. Sami’s got a plethora of spotlight on him, heat on him, shine on him. He deserves it. He’s worked for it. And he can carry it. This guy’s history shows his legacy. I never ever saw this coming. I would assume most of you folks out there listening or watching this right now, didn’t see it coming either.

Him getting Kevin Owens out of danger as Shane McMahon does this insane horrific stunt from the top of the cell, I never saw that comming. I thought it was great booking. I thought it was an excellent idea. Thank God for everybody involved physically it seems like everyone’s okay.

That’s good booking man. See, good booking is not just the finish, good booking is the whole story leading up to it. Sometimes it’s a B story and that B story could turn into an A story real quick. So that’s what they did last night with Sami Zayn. They made him.

He got great rub from not just Shane McMahon, not just Kevin Owens, but he got a great rub from the actual Hell in a Cell main event and the stunt that Shane pulled.

Big time story now is on, in my view, on Sami Zayn. Now they can go either way they want to go because you heard the announcers plant a seed. They can go to route off where Kevin Owens had no idea that Sami was going to do this because he kinda had little bit perplexed look on his face.

They can go to that route …umm… they looked at their buddies for a long time, they’ve been through hell. It’s well documented that they’re good friends, they’ve had a lot of battles though. At the end of the day, I don’t want to see my buddy Kevin Owens, you know, get killed out here at a wrestling show. I just want to see it happen. They could go that route too where all Kevin gets pi$$ed them. Who knows? I think that’s the beauty.”

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