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ECW Legend Praises Brock Lesnar’s Selling Ability During Match With AJ Styles, Rips Triple H For Taking The Spotlight At Survivor Series 2017


During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, ECW Legend Taz discussed the Brock Lesnar – AJ Styles match and the Survivor Series 2017 main event. Below are the highlights:

On Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles:

“This Brock-AJ match was as good as we thought it would be. I think I said Brock would win and Brock did win. Towards the end, the Calf Crusher spot they did was awesome. Holy crap! It was great. And like I said the other day, when you have these two guys, their body types as individual athletes, they complement each other to have a great match and we saw that.

AJ is great in working with guys that are bigger than him and Brock is smart enough, smooth enough, athletic enough to work with guys that are not as big as him . Something happened in this match at the end when he did that really cool F5 spot where AJ went for the Phenomenal Forearm and he caught him in mid-air.

It was an awesome spot. Watch what Brock does because the physical story throughout a good chunk of the match was the leg of Brock being worked on, chopped down by AJ.

Look what Brock does. While he has homeboy AJ up in the F5, Brock sold his knee for a second. He buckled his knee while he had him in the air.

Charlotte did the same thing when she worked earlier in the night. What she did was her ribs against Alexa Bliss. Charlotte had Alexa up in….something …..was it a finish? Maybe it was the bridge, I can’t remember. And she sold her ribs even before the match ended.

Those little nuances, that’s agents that are backstage that are doing a good job reminding the talent to do that. That’s the talent doing themselves and that’s how you draw money.

Fans could go on the independent scene and watch wrestlers, watch these kids that are great athletes that can do great spots, but you could see the inexperience compared to the guys and girls that are pros.

Those little things, those little tiny nuances which I’ve been talking about here are very, very important at the highest level as a Professional Wrestler.”

On Lesnar vs. Styles not being the main event and Triple H taking the spotlight:

“A lot of people are saying this maybe should have been the last match, the main event of the show and they should have ended with this. I don’t think so because then folks would have complained that AJ didn’t win and Brock won because AJ is more of the internet darling than Brock and I think a lot of the internet fans would have rather seen AJ win. That’s number one.

Number two – no matter if I like it or not or if you, the audience, likes it or not, the WWE has their main time, money and effort put into people like Shane McMahon and Triple H. That’s where their true money is. Their faith, their desire. And if you don’t believe me, just watch the main event.

It just… it has me shaking my head. That’s why I pondered the question to you all. I debuted in WWE in 2000, okay? That’s when I debuted and I spent just about a decade there. So I debuted there eighteen years ago. Has anything changed, meaning with the people on top?

And if you watched this past Sunday, no nothing has changed. It’s the same people. Triple H, Kurt Angle, John Cena & Randy Orton. It’s the same.

WWE could fool the fans, they can’t fool me. You could paint this thing up like Braun Strowman was the last man standing and you could have Michael Cole say that on commentary or whoever said it as the night ended bacause he bumped Triple H and all that jazz. You could say that all you want. Nice try! Not so fast and not happening.

The whole spotlight was not on Braun. The spotlight was on Triple H. The spotlight was bright as hell on Triple H.

After the PPV, Stephanie came out and he bumped into the wall like he didn’t know where he was. He even got his last pop at the end.

See that’s what I’m saying. You have guys in the match like Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode…. Why are these guys not staying at the end? This is not just your future, this is your current. You got guys like Seth Rollins doing the Shield thing and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, they had big pushes and now you put them back together.

This would have been an amazing opportunity for the Last Man Standing to be a Samoa Joe or a Bobby Roode. Now they had to get pedigreed or beat or whatever. And even Cena, at least Cena didn’t overstay his welcome. He had a spotlight, but he didn’t overstay his welcome meaning the way they booked this thing. Don’t let anybody fool you that the last man standing was Braun Strowman.

Braun’s not a money worker. He’s a money attraction. He’s a big-time blockbuster money attraction. He’s not a money worker. He’s been wrestling his matches. He’s a much better in-ring worker and athlete than I thought he would be when he started getting built, when he started coming to the company. All right, this guy’s impressive-looking. Gonna be a big guy that just crushes guys, but he can do a lot more than it. I’m well aware of that.

He’s not a working money machine like a Joe, like a Roode, like an AJ Styles. These guys are working machines that draw money by the in-ring ability, how good they are and all that stuff. Triple H knows this. He brings these guys into NXT. He’s got a great eye for talent. And then he crushes them. Come on! Let’s call a spade a spade here.

At the end of the day, it’s Vince’s call. I’m not saying, I’m not even implying that Triple H is going to his father while begging him – put me over or put me on top. I’m not saying that. I don’t want to imply that.

I know that’s not happening trust me, but Triple H has Vince’s respect as family, as great of a worker Triple H has been his whole career, a grid of a talker he has been his whole career. He’s a great performer, a legacy performer. There’s no doubt. I would never throw a flag on that. I respect him in that regard.

But Triple H also knows that he has the ability to say – “No Vince, I don’t need to be the guy, the shining star in this five on five traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Let’s have Samoa Joe be that guy or someone else. No Vince, I don’t have to make Kurt Angle look like sh*t again.”

God! This is the the most I talk about. He’s the most credible man in the business’ history. I hate the way they’re booking and dealing with Kurt Angle. I want to see Kurt come on Raw and destroy people and just quit as the GM and get in Stephanie’s face and tell, take this job and shove it. I’m out of here. And then anybody who gets in his way he just suplex them, chokes them out, snaps their ankles… something.”

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