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Eddie Guerrero’s Mother Suffered A Real Heart Attack During WWE Angle 20 Years Ago Today (Video)

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On May 2, 2004, Eddie Guerrero’s mother was supposed to suffer a fake heart attack during an angle between her son and JBL in the ring at a WWE house show.

However, Eddie’s mother ended up suffering a real heart attack.

You can watch it below:

JBL wrote the following about this incident on Twitter:

“The police gave me an escort out of town and told me to drive to Odessa, Texas and fly out from there. They told me they thought I would be killed if I stayed in El Paso.

I had to leave so fast to prevent a riot I was driving in my wrestling gear. Chavo Sr and Eddie’s idea to do this – we sold out the Staples Center off this storyline.

When this video aired, everything changed – JBL had heat like few have had. I owe everything to Eddie and the Guerrero family. Viva la raza.

Notice how, when I put my hand on Mrs Guerrero, I guided (and held her) all the way to the ground. It was so she could take a bump safely. She made it look fantastic. When she went down and the place was in shock – Eddie said ‘Ese, you better get the $#*@ outta here!'”

A fan wrote:

“John, I remember this got played in the local news, in HOUSTON.

You were legit hated here, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else hated as much as you made Texans hate you.”

JBL replied:

“I had to have extra security everywhere after this, lol. I think WWE was worried I’d be shot or stabbed and wouldn’t make the Staples Center.”

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