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Edge & Christian Talk About Working 2 Events In 1 Day & Events Always Being Sold Out During The Attitude Era

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During a recent edition of Edge & Christian’s “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness” podcast, the former WWF Tag Team Champions talked about how the Live Events during the Attitude Era were always sold out no matter what. Below are the highlights:

Edge: So you have those guys, is kind of your base, your nucleus and then you bring in the Kane of the world and the Kurt Angle and you know Mick Foley and The Rock and those guys all start to find their stride. And over in WCW, which this is all an answer to what Eric Bischoff and WCW have built. They have guys like you know Eddie and Jericho and Benoit and these younger kind of hungry guys that aren’t getting any real legitimate shot over there.

So they start to see younger guys like ourselves, like the Hardys and all starting to catch fire in you know kind of on the card and a significant part of the card and now you have all of these guys coming over. So you have this injection of just young hungry talent like Austin was a few years before and and everything just took off. Like I remember thinking to myself. We were so spoiled because every show was sold out. I can’t stress that enough and I know today’s guys and girls will hear it and go, “wait a minute hold on” like they know it but every arena sold out.

Christian: Yeah, for the first couple years that we were on the road, we did double shots every Sunday. And what a double shot is that…you know… we’d wrestle in one town at 1:00-1:30 in the afternoon and then when your match is done you get changed, you jump in your car, you go straight to the next town which is probably a couple hundred miles away for a 7:30 show that night. So you’re doing two shows a day, a double shot.

Edge: And it didn’t matter what we were up against. We could be in Pittsburgh up against the Steelers. Didn’t matter We were gonna be sold out. Pick a city, pick a team, pick a concert, pick Ice Capades, I don’t care what it was. It didn’t matter. We were gonna be sold out.

Christian: Yeah and I think what was a big thing that was starting to change too was instead of the audience just being the audience, the audience were part of the show. And that was starting to change quite a bit where it came just from switching from fans cheering and booing to bringing signs. Having you know whether it was the thing with the New Age Outlaws. More interactive.

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It just seemed like a lot of characters were in that base too where they’d have their own little interaction with the crowd. You would see all the signs that all the fans brought like it was more of an event for everyone. It just wasn’t coming to watch a show. You were the show. You were part of the show.

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