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Edge Knows He Can Lose His “Special Attraction” Factor In AEW

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Edge aka Adam Copeland made his AEW debut at the WrestleDream pay-per-view after wrestling his last match for WWE back in August.

Speaking to Ringer Wrestling, The Rated-R Superstar discussed his decision to make the jump from WWE to AEW.

He said that there weren’t many opponents left for him to wrestle in WWE, and he felt that AEW had a bigger list of fresh names he could feud with.

Edge said WWE wanted to use him as a “special attraction”, with him only wrestling 10 matches in a year. Edge is going to do more than that in AEW and he said he knows he might not feel special anymore with a full-time schedule.

He also implied that WWE didn’t have any proper plans for him after his feud with The Judgment Day concluded at WrestleMania 39 earlier this year:

“Honestly, it was after Judgment Day because okay, that story is done. It was nothing from either part, there’s no ill will, there’s no hard feelings at all. I’m actually really happy about that because I love that company, it was just really at a certain point, you’ve been here 25 years — I was contracted for 10 matches a year, I offered more because I thought, hey if I’m around more, I can contribute more and we can do deeper storylines but to their point, and it’s a very good point, [if] you’re around more, it feels less special and I know that.

I know that can end up being the case with AEW, when it becomes a pattern, people go, ‘Okay, it’s that guy again’. But, I’m trying to look at the positives of that, I can do deeper. 

I can tell deeper stories this way instead of popping in every three months here and there. So, that’s really all it was, what else was there left to do? Even in terms of wrestling the majority of the current roster, there wasn’t a whole list of names I could think of. I looked at the other roster, and there was.

That’s not a knock on anybody, it just means I got to wrestle a lot of really great people in that 3 and a half, 4 years I was with WWE on this last run.”

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