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Edge Reveals Why He Turned Down An Offer From TNA In 2008/2009

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During a recent edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE Hall of Famer and 11 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge revealed that TNA Wrestling had an offer for him in 2008 or 2009 and then explained why he turned it down. Below is the story explained by the “Rated R Superstar”:

“Interesting little tidbit here that I don’t even know how much Christian knows, if he even knows at all, to be honest. I don’t recall talking to him about it. I don’t know how word gets out on contracts being up and things like that, but there was one point where my contract was coming up and TNA reached out to me, and Christian was there, so they reached out to me, and they told me numbers, and schedule, and all of these things. And for me, at that point, schedule was the thing that I was like, ‘well, that’d be a whole lot easier on the body’ because I was getting pretty beat up. It’s like Christian said, I started with WWF in ’97. At that point it was like 2008 or 2009. I can’t even remember. It’s a long time. Now, there were breaks because of injuries, but that was my body saying, ‘take a break dude,’ and I never did until something broke.

The idea that Christian was there, and the opponents. If I went there, there’s Samoa Joe, there’s AJ Styles, there’s a lot of fresh things to do, but for whatever reason, from day one WWE felt like my home. It felt like the place that I’d always wanted to get to. I did those two TV matches in WCW against Kevin Sullivan and Meng and within five minutes of walking into that locker room I was like, ‘I don’t want to be here – I could tell this is not the place for me.’ And the dream was still WWF and getting there.

And then, finally seeing the inner workings and then working into a position where I was one of the main event guys and I was factored in, it just felt like they did put that faith in me, that they did pull the trigger with me for whatever reason they did and I felt like I can’t look that gift horse in the mouth.

And sure, there was work involved, but ‘I got to stick it out here and I got to stay here. I just want my career to be here and nowhere else.’ But for Christian, I do believe that was definitely the right thing to do.”

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