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Elimination Chamber 2023 (Live Coverage) – Part 4

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This is part 4 of our WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 LIVE coverage (part 3 is here).

Up next is the Men’s Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship.

Seth Rollins and Johnny Gargano begin the match. US Champion Austin Theory enters the match next.

Judgment Day’s Damian Priest enters next, followed by Bronson Reed. Montez Ford is the last to enter.

Ford delivered a crazy splash from the top of the chamber. You can watch it below:

It took Gargano, Rollins & Ford to hit their signature moves and multiple superkicks to eliminate Reed.

Eliminated: Bronson Reed

Rollins & Gargano were fighting on the top of the chamber. Rollins was about to powerbomb Gargano off the top of the pod, but Gargano countered it into a Hurricanrana!

Priest hits Gargano with the Razor’s Edge and pins him.

Eliminated: Johnny Gargano

Rollins had Priest on his shoulders and Ford hit a Blockbuster to pin Priest.

Eliminated: Damian Priest

Ford goes for his Frog Splash finisher on Theory, but Theory got his knees up. Rollins then hit Ford with the Stomp. Theory then pins Ford.

Eliminated: Montez Ford

Rollins & Theory are the final two men left. Rollins hits a sit-down powerbomb and goes for the cover, but Theory kicks out.

Ford isn’t moving and trainers have been called to the ring to help Ford out.

Seth hits Austin with a Pedigree. Seth is looking for the Stomp, but Logan Paul enters the chamber and lays out Rollins!

Logan delivers a stomp to Rollins! Theory hits his finisher on Rollins and it’s all over.

Eliminated: Seth Rollins

Austin Theory wins the Men’s Elimination Chamber match to retain the United States Championship

After the match, Logan said:

“Keep running your mouth, Seth. That’s what happens.”

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