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Emotional Scene After Tonight’s NXT 2.0 Went Off The Air (Photos)

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• Emotional Scene After Tonight’s NXT 2.0 Went Off The Air (Photos)

In the main event segment of tonight’s NXT 2.0, Johnny Gargano came out and addressed the fans. He said NXT is the only place he has ever felt special in his life. He’s loves and believes in NXT so much that he never left this brand for RAW/SmackDown.

He said change is scary, but it needs to happen. He said he’s going to start the most important job of his life in February 2022, as he will officially become a father.

He said doesn’t know what the future holds for him and then he got attacked by Grayson Waller. He powerbombed Gargano through the announce table to end the show, as fans chanted “piece of sh*t”.

After the show went off the air, Gargano had emotional moments with other wrestlers. Below are the photos:

Tap here to read the complete results from tonight’s NXT 2.0.

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• Wendy’s Reacts To Carmella Eating Their Burger In Underwear

As we noted earlier, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella posted photos of her eating a Wendy’s Burger in her underwear and wrote the following:

“Me: let’s get Wendy’s

Corey Graves: ok, as long as you eat it in your underwear

What can I say, I’m gonna make a great wife. 💁🏼‍♀️ 🤗 “

Wendy’s replied the following to the “Most Beautiful Woman In All Of WWE”:

“Wendy’s and Mella as tag team champs when?”

Corey Graves commented the following after seeing these pictures:

“This was a top 5 moment for me. Ever. In life. 😍 😍 😍 “

Corey & Carmella recently got engaged.

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• Backstage News On Why Paige Hasn’t Been Released From WWE

It’s been almost 4 years since former WWE Divas Champion Paige had a match.

She was forced to retire due to a neck injury, and she officially announced her retirement on RAW after WrestleMania 34.

After retiring, Paige became the General Manager of SmackDown in 2018, but that run came to an end in the same year.

Paige has made WWE appearances every now & then since.

A lot of fans are wondering why Paige (who isn’t doing anything in the company right now) hasn’t been released from WWE, while multiple top stars got released from the company due to COVID-19 related budget cuts.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“They feel there’s value in her in appearances and as far as things like that that. Her name’s strong enough to keep her employed and worth it for the company and also the injury and the career-ending nature of it, there might be some feelings on that as well.”

You can watch Paige’s retirement speech below:

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• AEW Star Confirms He’s Officially Retired From In-Ring Competition

Earlier this year, WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry revealed that he has dropped 80 lbs to get in shape, and is looking to end his in-ring career with a match in AEW.

He confirmed in multiple interviews that he will wrestle in All Elite Wrestling:

“Well, it’s definitely gonna happen in AEW. It’s not gonna be anytime soon I think. I want to be a 100%. I’m still nursing injuries from 4 years ago. Like, wrestling business is a tough business, it’s not meant for everybody.

Um, being in my home state it’ll be cool to be able to do that but just not this current time. I’m here in Austin, can’t wait to get to Garland, three-hour drive.”

However, Henry has now confirmed that he has changed his mind and won’t be returning to the ring ever again.

Below are the highlights from his interview with i95’s Large Dave:

On if he’ll have one final match in All Elite Wrestling:

“HA HA HA HA HA HA! I mean, Man, you made me laugh, I’m not getting back in there! If somebody hits me, I’m callin’ the police!”

On his role in AEW:

“Man, I am a Jack of all Trades, I’ve been blessed to be able to master a few of them, I’m new to the announcing, and the backstage announcing, but I’m doing pretty good, and I’m enjoying doing it, but I’m most proud of being a part of our community team.

To touch all of the members and fans of the communities that we go into, before we do our shows, that’s something special, we leave the place better than we found it.”

Mark Henry’s final match took place in 2018, at the Greatest Royal Rumble PPV in Saudi Arabia, where he competed in a 50-man Royal Rumble match.

His final singles match took place in 2017, where he was defeated by Braun Strowman.

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• Chris Jericho Reveals If He’s Considering Retirement

During a recent interview with Newsweek, WWF Legend & current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho talked about his longevity in pro-wrestling, retirement & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if his in-ring retirement is near at the age of 51:

“I think a lot of times people always kind of want to put a bow on everything but it really doesn’t work that way. I think part of the reason I’ve had such longevity is that I go with the flow and I follow my heart. Did I ever expect to be 31 years on the job? I can’t say that I did, but I can’t say that I didn’t.

I don’t think when you’re 19, you really think about [retirement]. I never really said OK, ‘I’m going to do it this long,’ and I still don’t. I don’t know how long I’m going to do the sport because I don’t think that way.

When people ask ‘how long are you going to do this,’ I say ‘I don’t know. When I feel like I don’t want to do it anymore.’ I don’t feel that way right now.”

On his longevity:

“I think one of the reasons why I’ve had such a long career, wrestling-wise, is the diversity and constant evolving and re-inventing that I do.

I can vividly remember, in about the year 2000, really thinking about how do I constantly stay relevant in what I’m doing? There’s a way to do that but you have to take chances and you have to be confident in your ability as a character and as a performer.”

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• Another Confirmation Regarding The WrestleMania 38 Main Event Picture

Just like WrestleMania 36 & 37, WrestleMania 38 will also be a 2-night event, which will take place on April 2 & 3 at the AT&T Stadium.

There were a lot of rumors about The Rock vs. Roman Reigns finally taking place next year, but we can confirm that The Rock won’t have a match at WrestleMania 38.

We exclusively reported last month that WWE Officials are discussing Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for the Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 38 – Night 2.

WWE Officials feel like this is the biggest match they can book at this point, given that The Rock isn’t available.

The Wrestling Observer has confirmed half part of the above update, as they are reporting that the Roman Reigns – Brock Lesnar feud won’t end at the WWE Day 1 PPV on January 1, and their feud will go all the way to WrestleMania 38.

WWE is currently building McIntyre as an unstoppable force once again on the blue brand, and he’s expected to get added to the Universal Title picture on the Road to WrestleMania.

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• Nick Khan Could Replace Vince McMahon In WWE One Day

WWE CEO Vince McMahon is 76 years old and has been running the company for almost 40 years.

One of the biggest question nowadays is who will be Vince’s replacement once he’s gone.

According to the Wrestling Observer, it could be WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan:

“I mean it’s kind of a Board of Directors thing, but probably (Nick Khan being Vince McMahon’s replacement), yeah. Unless they went and hired somebody else from the outside, but probably Nick Khan, yes.”

Nick has made a lot of big decisions in WWE in the last year, so this could become a reality one day.

While Vince has the final say in current decisions, Nick was behind some big WWE releases in the past year.

You can watch Nick Khan getting interviewed earlier this year below:

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• Matt Hardy Gives An Update On Jeff Hardy After Recent Incident

As we reported before, Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy & Xavier Woods defeated The Bloodline (Universal Champion Roman Reigns & SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos) in a 6-man tag team match in the main event of Saturday’s WWE Live Event in Edinburg, Texas.

Hardy spent most of his time inside the ring during this match, getting worked by Reigns & The Usos.

You can watch it below:

Jeff reportedly became more sluggish as the match went on. He then tagged in McIntyre and left the match. Hardy went to the back through the crowd with security guarding him. He didn’t return for the post-match victory celebration.

You can watch Hardy leaving below:

According to PWInsider, WWE sent Jeff Hardy home and he didn’t work Sunday’s Live Event at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was replaced by Rey Mysterio.

On his Twitch stream, AEW star Matt Hardy said the following about this situation involving his younger brother:

“I did speak to Jeff for a little bit today, and he’s OK, he’s good, and I think he’ll be fine, but once again this isn’t my business, and if he wants to go into it in more detail, then he’ll do it himself. But like, Jeff is OK, he is at home, and he’s OK.”

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