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Eric Bischoff Buried The Hatchet With An Old School Legend During AEW Appearance

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• Eric Bischoff Buried The Hatchet With An Old School Legend During AEW Appearance

On the latest episode of his weekly podcast ’83 weeks’, Eric Bischoff revealed what happened when he met legendary Old School NWA manager JJ Dillon before a recent AEW show, after years of publicly badmouthing each other in several interviews.

The former WCW President and the former 4 Horsemen manager were both booked for the same All Elite Wrestling Dynamite show in Jacksonville, Florida a few weeks ago.

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Eric said he went to the hotel, saw JJ Dillon and they actually shook hands.

Here’s what else Bischoff said:

“45 Seconds later we are taking pictures together and like an idiot I’m posting them on social media. This is a good example of you just don’t have to hang onto baggage. I preach that all the time.

It makes no sense to carry around resentment or baggage because that’s a lot of energy and emotion that gets you absolutely f***ing nothing. You can’t carry that stuff around.

When JJ stuck his hand out it was like f**k it, let’s have a beer and enjoy our time together because we may not have this opportunity again.

I may not get another invitation to come down to AEW. I may say something on this show that’s going to pi$$ everybody off that makes them go f**k it, we’re never going to bring him back again.

I understand that, to have that chance to sit down, bury the hatchet, didn’t draw blood, didn’t cost either one of us money, so let’s have fun. It was a special moment for me.

This is just another step in the right direction of just getting rid of some of that baggage.”

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The card can be found here:

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9. WCW World Title: Ric Flair vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

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