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Eric Bischoff On Why The WWE Hall Of Fame Feels Less Special

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On a recent edition of the Strictly Business podcast, WCW Legend Eric Bischoff spoke about the WWE Hall of Fame and how it changed over time.

The former Senior Vice President of Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling was inducted into the Hall of Fame himself on April 6th 2021 (air date).

Here’s what Eric Bischoff had to say about the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I enjoyed the Hall of Fames earlier. Much more than I enjoy them now. Because, in a way, at least, my impression was that that night was more focused. And it was made to feel special. There were some issues along the way. I think having too many people takes some fun out of it, making it less special and less entertaining in the long run for the people who have to sit through it, watch it, or sit out in the audience. It’s just that everything has an ideal time.

I think a three-hour Hall of Fame is not ideal. But that said, it did feel more special to me previously than it does now. It almost feels like, okay, let’s check the Hall of Fame box because that’s what we do. And it’s so meaningful to speak for myself, man.

I was very emotional up there, and it wasn’t even a live crowd there. It was just me and production people and friends in the back. But for those, you watch some of these Hall of Fame speeches, and the emotion is so real. The most real thing in wrestling is the emotion that wrestling creates. And especially when it comes to somebody who spent their lifetime, or the majority of their life, dedicated to the sport. And to have that moment where your peers recognize you in front of friends, family, and a live audience, and it doesn’t get any better.”

The WWE Hall of Fame – established in 1993 as the WWF Hall of Fame – honors the legends and pioneers of professional wrestling. Inductees include iconic wrestlers, managers, announcers, and behind-the-scenes contributors.

Each year, new inductees are celebrated during WrestleMania weekend, commemorating their lasting impact on the world of sports entertainment. The Hall of Fame serves as a tribute to the rich history and cultural significance of pro wrestling.

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