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Eric Bischoff Reveals He Didn’t Fire WWE Hall Of Famer From WCW

Eric Bischoff

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (November 13, 1994) – WCW Main Event

On this day in 1994, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling presented an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Main Event’.

This episode featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Starrcade 1994’ PPV.

The card can be found below:

– Johnny B. Badd vs. Shanghai Pierce (From WCW Worldwide)

– Interview w/ Hulk Hogan, Sting, Dave Sullivan & Jimmy Hart

– Hulk Hogan/Sting vs. The Bruise Brothers (From WCW Worldwide)

– Clash of The Champions Control Center

– Stars And Stripes vs. Harlem Heat (From WCW Pro)

– The Honky Tonk Man vs. Brad Armstrong

• Eric Bischoff Reveals He Didn’t Fire WWE Hall Of Famer From WCW

During a recent edition of 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff addressed the rumor that he fired WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross from WCW.

Below is what Bischoff said:

“The history between JR and I has been well documented over the years. JR was very bitter I think when the whole regime change took place after Bill Watts was fired and Jim got demoted into television syndication, he took very badly. As a result, Jim wanted to quit. He voiced that Bill Shaw who he reported to at that time as the boss.

Bill Shaw came to me and said, ‘What do we do? He wants to leave.’ My response was: ‘Well, let him leave. You’re not gonna want to keep him hostage here as bitter as he is. All he’s going to do is make the people around him bitter and miserable and you’re gonna have more of the kind of politics and in-fighting you know that we’ve been trying to get away from so if he doesn’t want to be here, let him go.’

Well, somehow that evolved into me firing Jim. The fact that I supported the fact that he wanted to resign got turned around and I think it was even in Jim’s book that I was the one that fired him and that just wasn’t true. But nonetheless, that was the prevailing feeling with Jim. I think he said it enough until he started to believe it.”

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