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“Every minute that this charade goes on, you continue to put a stain on and hurt your legacy” – Adam Pearce To Roman Reigns

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• “Every minute that this charade goes on, you continue to put a stain on and hurt your legacy” – Adam Pearce To Roman Reigns

On last week’s episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso made sure that WWE Official Adam Pearce became the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship.

On tonight’s episode of SmackDown, Reigns and Pearce are scheduled to sign a contract for their Title match at Royal Rumble 2021.

Pearce wants to Reigns to reconsider his decision and not face him at Royal Rumble 2021.

Here’s what Pearce said in a video he posted:

“So Roman, this isn’t the way I was hoping to appeal to you. But considering I can’t get anyone to answer my calls this week and tomorrow’s Friday, this is kind of a last-ditch. You know that I think all this is ridiculous.

What happened last week, everything that was said, putting me in a match against you at The Rumble. I’m not entirely sure how this came to be but here we are, and here we are once again with me asking you, please end this game, end this charade.

This is not about me not wanting to face you in a match, it’s about the fact that, that match does nothing for you, does nothing for the Universal Title, and in reality, does nothing for me.

I had my day in the sun and that’s great, I am completely and 100% focused on the job that I have today, and I’m very proud of that job. Part of that job is making tough decisions, Roman, and I’ve never been afraid… never been afraid, Roman, to get my hands dirty.

I’m not backing down. I’m asking, reconsider this. Don’t think about me, think about you and more importantly, think about your legacy. I’m not worried about you hurting me, I’m worried about every minute that this charade goes on, you continue to put a stain on and hurt your legacy.

You’re the locker room leader, you’re the self-proclaimed Head of the Table, and I believe that. You’re the example that I’ve pointed every one of our Superstars to. Be that Roman Reigns, because the one I looked at last Friday, and I’m sure the one I’m gonna see tomorrow, is not the same man I’ve always admired.

Please think about it, Roman. Think about it.”

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