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Ex-Intercontinental Champion Cried After Losing To Brock Lesnar

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• Ex-Intercontinental Champion Cried After Losing To Brock Lesnar

‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar defended the IWGP Heavyweight Championship by defeating New Japan Pro Wrestling star Shinsuke Nakamura on January 4th 2006 in the main event of the ‘NJPW Toukon Shidou Chapter I’ event at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan in front of 43,000 fans.

In his King of Strong-Style book, current WWE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura accused Lesnar of not caring about the Japanese Promotion and revealed that he was heartbroken after their match.

Here’s what the former Intercontinental Champion wrote about his 2006 encounter with Brock:

“That match was seriously rough. First, Lesnar was saying all this stuff about how he respected New Japan, but it felt to me like that was just for show, that he didn’t really respect the promotion. Like, somewhere, he was looking down on Japanese people.

I lost the match, and that was the first time I cried at pro wrestling after a match. It was the main event at the Tokyo Dome. This was a pretty hallowed stage, and I knew I hadn’t fought the way I imagined I would. And there was, like, this temperature difference between Lesnar and me.

I didn’t get the sense he felt any love for pro wrestling. It felt like he was just doing his job.”

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