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AEW Star Cash Wheeler’s Legal Troubles Disappear

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving Cash Wheeler and CM Punk.

• In a surprising turn of events, PWInsider has confirmed that the scheduled trial against AEW wrestler Cash Wheeler of FTR, slated for next week, will no longer proceed. This development comes after the Prosecutor’s office filed a legal notice known as “Nolle Prosequi,” signaling their decision to drop the case. While the reasons behind this abrupt decision remain undisclosed, the cancellation of the trial marks a significant relief for Wheeler, who can now move forward without the looming specter of legal proceedings.

The Legal Maneuver

The Latin term “Nolle Prosequi” entered the fray this afternoon, indicating the Prosecution’s choice to abandon the case against Cash Wheeler. This legal maneuver effectively halts the trial and releases Wheeler from any further legal obligations stemming from the incident. Despite the proximity to the trial date, with pre-trial hearings and proceedings scheduled, the sudden termination of the case comes as a surprise to many.

Wheeler’s Legal Journey

Since his arrest in August 2023 following an alleged road rage incident, Wheeler has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to all charges throughout the legal process. The incident, which reportedly involved the flashing of a firearm, prompted legal proceedings that have now come to an unexpected conclusion. Wheeler’s legal team has vigorously defended him, navigating the intricacies of the legal system to ensure his rights and innocence are upheld.

The Prosecution’s Claims

The prosecution had alleged that the July 2023 altercation, leading to Wheeler’s arrest, was rooted in a road rage incident. Accusations suggested that Wheeler brandished a firearm during the confrontation. However, Wheeler’s attorney countered these claims, asserting that his client did not know the other party involved. The legal proceedings surrounding the incident underscored the seriousness of the allegations, with the potential for severe penalties under Florida law.

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• Drew McIntyre kicked off this week’s RAW and said that he will not waste any more time on CM Punk since Punk might not be cleared for 20 more years. Drew said that Damian Priest is the Paper World Champion, and RAW needs him to be Champion again.

Priest came out and said that Drew should look in a mirror and realize that he’s the only person to blame for his failures. Priest said he will give Drew a shot for his World Heavyweight Title once Drew gets cleared to compete, and when he’s done he will make Drew eat those words.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Punk might screw McIntyre in the World Title match against Priest, and that Punk might return in time for SummerSlam to face McIntyre:

“Punk can screw him in the first one. And then you can come back and maybe win it. And then him and Punk could be the title feud because Punk is not that far from being back.

If he had his surgery at the end of January, you’re looking at the end of July, August, maybe September, which is not that far away anymore. I mean, it’s like he might make SummerSlam, and if he can make SummerSlam, Punk and Drew for the title. That makes a lot of sense.”

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