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4. Former WCW Wrestler Educates A Lot Of Indy Wrestlers & Smarks About Professional Wrestling

Old School NWA/WCW Veteran Rip Rogers had a hand in training some great names like Randy Orton, John Cena, Brock Lesnar & Batista, when they were in OVW Ohio Valley Wrestling during the early 2000s.

OVW used to be the WWE’s developmental territory, very similar to what NXT is today … Rogers became the head trainer for the promotion in 2000 and still works in the same position today, years after they parted way with the WWE in 2008.

He’s all over the news these days, as he defended Randy Orton’s “Dive” tweets, in which The Viper & former Legend Killer criticized most of today’s skinny indy wrestlers who only do gymnastics & spot fests, but have no clue how to actually work a professional wrestling match.

Not only did Rip Rogers support Randy’s comments, he also added quite a lot to it:

When u work ” strong Style” u mite as well write I’m a mark on ur forehead …. u don’t really hurt each other stupid .. u just act like it.

What a rib … u guys beat the s*** out of each other but don’t sell it …can I hit u too?

Work on the art of selling… a move is worthless unless it’s sold properly …we make or break our match w selling or lack of …sell.

I remember when a super kick was “super” … when a DDT was lights out … a clothesline cud put u out for weeks… sometimes less is better.

Sometimes less is more and too much is killing the business. Spot Monkeys would be well advised to actually train under an Old School coach like Rip Rogers, who has the experience and knowledge to teach them how to “work”.

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