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14. Ryback Explains How Indy Wrestlers Have Ruined Professional Wrestling

During a recent edition of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about lack of selling and in-ring psychology on the indies and how it has ruined Professional Wrestling. Below are the highlights:

On lack of selling on the indies:

“Independent pro wrestlers are ruining pro wrestling and it has carried over to WWE and Hunter and Vince have allowed it. It is much more controlled up there and it isn’t to say every independent wrestler, and this is one thing I’ve ripped on Cena for personal things, but the one thing that he was really good at was selling the basics really well. One punch and sell it. I think WWE shouldn’t bring guys in there and push them that do that, but a lot of them tone it down when they get there because they realize it doesn’t fly there and stuff. But they’ve allowed it to some extent on certain things and it’s not good.”

On how indy wrestlers are harming themselves:

“These guys are killing it for themselves because it’s going to shorten their careers. They’re replacing one bump with five or six or seven bumps. And, like, you’re stupid and that’s the nicest way to say it. Like, you are throwing out the meaning of one bump for six or seven bumps that won’t get the same reaction. And I think that’s because guys don’t know how to sell accordingly and the psychology is off.”

On Indy wrestlers saying “f*ck you” to in-ring psychology:

“That’s what pro wrestlers are doing now, they’re saying ‘f*ck you’ to the psychology because they’ve never been in a real fight. If any of those f*cking independent guys got punched in the mouth, and I don’t mean that as a knock to independents, that’s where I see a lot of it now because I’m there, and it’s running rampant.”

On Randy Orton’s comments being 100% correct about the indies and Pro Wrestling not being about doing every move there is to do:

“I agree with Randy 100%. It’s awesome to do all that stuff, but the guys don’t sell anything. That’s the problem. If you sold, you wouldn’t have to do all that stuff. You’re throwing out the selling. That’s the big issue I find because selling slows everything down. You can have all the action and things, but you have to find different ways of getting there. It’s not just doing every move in the book because everybody can learn every move.”

On indy wrestlers doing gimmicks of being a mark:

“Everybody in pro wrestling just, their gimmick being based around being a f*cking mark and doing ‘too sweets’, I think it’s ridiculous. I honestly think it’s ridiculous. I really do. I don’t get it. Everyone’s pretending to be f*cking nWo and DX. I just think it’s retarded, quite frankly.”

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