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FLASHBACK: DX Member Buries 17 Fellow WWF Stars

Road Dogg Jesse James DX

In this flashback article, we take a look at Old School WWF Attitude Era Superstar Road Dogg burying 17 fellow WWF stars in shoot interviews.

Below are the highlights:


Host: Thoughts on Raven?

Road Dogg: Hate his guts. I think I don’t like him. He thinks too much of him.


Host: How was the Rena Mero (now Rena Marlette Lesnar) as Sable?

Road Dogg: I hated her guts and that’s just the truth from the get-go.

Host: Did she change at all as she got more successful?

Road Dogg: I never noticed it because I hated her guts from the get-go and and I never talked to her again after the third time I met her. And it was just over something silly.

I knew Marc Mero from (his time as) Johnny B. Badd from WCW. So I was ribbing him one day about his pyro. They had some sparklers going on. It was like chintzy pyro. So I said, whoo that’s good pyro you got there, Marc. I said why don’t you stick a sparkler up your a$$ and run to the ring.

You know. (I was) just ribbin’ and she said, “Well, at least he’s got pyro.” And I thought, you know what f*ck you! And that was the last time I ever had to say f*ck you to her. Then I left it to everybody else to hate her guts and sh*t in her bag and do all that stuff.


Road Dogg: Scott Hall was a whiner. I like Scott Hall. I got along with Scott Hall. But he was definitely a whiner. He was always saying, “Man it’s two o’clock in the morning where I’m from.” You know, like if we were in another time zone! And (saying), “Man, I’m tired. Could you hit me a little harder with that clothesline next time?”

That’s the kind of stuff I’m getting. Here I am six months in the business where he was working with Jeff (Jarrett) for that Intercontinental Title and I was the Roadie and I hit a cheap shot on him with stuff and he’s complaining about it and he’s twice my size and he’s been wrestling for ten years in Japan and everywhere else and he just always was kind of complaining.

Me and him had a couple of different fallings out, but he liked me and I liked him.

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