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Flashback: Stephanie McMahon Asked If She Likes An*l, On How Triple H Is In Bed

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In this flashback article, we take a look at Stephanie McMahon’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show back in the day.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the part where Stephanie’s relationship with Triple H, her breast implants, Triple H in bed & more were discussed:

Howard: You’ve always been involved with the WWE.

Robin: Did you ever try to do anything else?

Stephanie: I never wanted to do anything else really. I actually have worked for the company since I was about 12.

Robin: What did you do at 12? Which division did you run?

Stephanie: I was the receptionist actually for about two years.

Howard: So your dad always sort of brought you up to be in the family business, right?

Stephanie: Well, my dad always wanted us to have a job. And I really wanted to be in the family business. He left it up to us.

Howard: Dating Triple H, we had Chyna on the show. She’s furious with you. She said bad things about you. She said that you stole her man and that Triple H now is going to be your b*tch, this is just me paraphrasing, and if Triple H doesn’t do what Stephanie McMahon wants him to do, that’ll be the end of his career. So he has to mind his P’s and Q’s. Is any of that true?

Stephanie: Well, I’m sure certainly from her point of view I’m the b*tch of the whole scenario.

Howard: Because you stole her man? Wasn’t it easy to do because you look like a woman?

Stephanie: You know, things just sort of happened there and you know there’s always a lot of sides to every story. But, definitely it is a big deal for Triple H to date me because in a way she’s right.

I mean not that my father would necessarily fire someone for doing something to me, but I’m sure it would come into play. Like if he cheated on me and I was heartbroken over it, I’m his daughter and he wouldn’t fire him but it wouldn’t be a good situation.

Howard: It’s dangerous in a way for him to date you, isn’t it?

Stephanie: It was a big deal. It’s a really hard decision for both of us to make. More so for him, I think.

Howard: But you were so attracted to him because he’s very muscular and manly?

Stephanie: I just was attracted to him in every way.

Howard: Did you think he was a freak because Chyna’s very freaky looking.

Stephanie: I actually have always thought that Chyna was pretty incredible.

Howard: Yeah, but not beautiful?

Stephanie: I do think she’s beautiful, but I grew up in a world of bodybuilding and…

Howard: Wait a second, don’t you think a guy who goes out with like a she-man, he’s like a fetishist?

Stephanie: I didn’t. I actually thought it was pretty cool that he didn’t care what other people thought about her. I mean he was in love with her.

Howard: But how did you get Triple H away from Chyna?

Stephanie: Well, I mean he was in love with her at one time. But by the time I came around, things weren’t so good.

Robin: But they were still living together.

Stephanie: They were still living together and there’s a whole lot more detail that I’m not going to go into.

Howard: What happened? She wasn’t putting out?

Stephanie: (Laughing) I don’t know. That I didn’t even want to know. But by the time Triple H and I started our on-screen storyline, we just sort of had great chemistry and it just went from there.

Howard: So did you have your father write a storyline that would include you and Triple H together so you could get together with Triple H?

Stephanie: Actually no and I was dating somebody at the time who always thought that I had the hearts for Triple H, but I didn’t even realize that I did at the time and I thought, “No, God no!”

Howard: So how did the romance develop? You and Triple H were working together in close quarters. You have to rehearse a lot of the stuff that you do, a lot of the dialogue.

Stephanie: Right and we’re live and it’s very intense. And I have such an incredible passion for the business and so does Triple H and so he was teaching me actually a lot of the in-ring things that I didn’t know about and wanted to know and it just went.

Howard: Do you have a question why he’s with you?

Stephanie: No.

Howard: You know he loves you?

Stephanie: Yeah, I think he does.

Robin: It never occurs to you that he wants to run everything?

Stephanie: Well, I mean of course that would probably be a great ultimate plan but if he screws it up, I mean he’s screwed.

Howard: How does it work growing up? Your dad was always a very wealthy man from wrestling.

Stephanie: Actually he wasn’t always. For my childhood, mostly he was. But for my brother’s he wasn’t. Actually when my mother was pregnant with me, my dad had to take her to the courthouse and their car broke down and he was actually in a tow truck to go declare bankruptcy. He really is a self-made man. He really made his fortune.

Howard: How does it work though? Did your dad give you a salary?

Stephanie: I do get a salary. I’m not only on camera, I’m also behind the scenes.

Howard: Does it bother you when your father gives interviews and he says he cheated on your mom?

Stephanie: Not anymore. I mean it still is a little like: Dad everybody knows now. You don’t have to rub it in.

Howard: Were you angry with him?

Stephanie: At first, yes.

Howard: So he’s the kind of father you can yell at and he’ll take it and he’ll absorb your anger?

Stephanie: He would, but that’s not my style.

Howard: So you start working with him (Triple H) and then what? How did he put the moves on the boss’s daughter? He came to say: “Listen, I’m having feelings for you”? He said, “I’m attracted to you”?

Stephanie: No. He would drop hints and I sort of wondered like is he hitting on me and then I thought no he can’t be.

Howard: What would he say? We’d like to know how Triple H makes the move.

Stephanie: I don’t know. Well, our storyline was that we were married and we took over the business and drove my dad out. And so like I would be sitting on his lap and things like that and he’d just say things.

Howard: Would he pop a rod when you had sat?

Stephanie: (Laughing) I didn’t feel anything if he did. One time when I was standing around the ring, he sort of crawled around me, he was on the floor and he felt my leg. And I was like that’s definitely flirtation. That’s not (part of the script).

Howard: And you found yourself getting attracted to him?

Stephanie: Yes.

Howard: You didn’t mind that he touched your leg?

Stephanie: No. I liked it a lot.

Howard: Did you say stop touching my leg or did you say I like you touching my leg.

Stephanie: I just blushed.

Howard: So many women sometimes when they like a guy will begin to touch a man. They’re like… touch his chest when she talks to him.

Stephanie: It was a very touchy situation. If he was coming on to me and I know that it’s forbidden in our business for me to date any of the wrestlers character.

Howard: So how does it become a romance? It’s very complicated. He’s dating another wrestler. He’s dating Chyna, who’s a big star at that point.

Stephanie: Supposedly, they weren’t dating at that point. They had a house together and they’re trying to get out of the house or whatever. We saw each other for a couple months and then when it came apparent to me that obviously she is living in your house and something’s going on, we stopped talking for a long time.

Robin: Does she have to ask her father permission because it’s against the rules?

Howard: Did you go to Vince and say listen I need the rules broken here?

Stephanie: Well, he could see what’s going on. He gave us the okay and then he took it away. Because it was like if we really were gonna be together, it would have to be a big deal. It would have to be the right thing to do. And so he let us come together and then he made us be apart. And we came back together again. And if it was meant to be, you know, it was meant to be.

Howard: You’re talking about, in real life your father said you can be together and then said stop being together and you stopped? Wow.

Robin: Do you think the business is in trouble and what is the trouble?

Stephanie: I don’t think we’re in the spot that we want to be in right now for a number of reasons. The economy’s down in general. Our numbers are down certainly. We’re not where we want to be but I don’t think we’re in dire straits by any means.

Fan: Hey Stephanie, huge fan of WWE for a long time. I would like to thank Stephanie for two different occasions, once on RAW and once on SmackDown for gracing us, the national audience, with the sight of her beautiful breasts.

Howard: Your breasts popped out during events. When that happens, is that really an accident or you plan that out?

Stephanie: It was really an accident.

Howard: Was your dad mad that your nipple is showing?

Stephanie: I was horrified actually because I mean if I had planned to do something like that, that’s one thing but when it sort of happens and you’re not planning on it, it’s a little unnerving.

Howard: Somebody said somewhere that you’re open about the fact that you had breast implants because when you were wrestling you got to see your body a lot on TV and you weren’t happy with your body.

Stephanie: Right. Well, I lost a lot of weight. I had b00bs when I was heavier. Then I lost a lot of weight and they were like melted packets of butter and I just didn’t like the way they looked.

Howard: So when they popped out, you probably liked it because you wanted to show. You spent a lot of money on those b00bs.

Stephanie: Actually it’s not my best angle.

Fan: I was wondering, did you get your breast implants removed because it looked like last year it was a lot bigger.

Stephanie: Well, they were swollen last year because I just had them done. And I’ve actually still continued to lose weight which I’m still working on, so I guess they have gotten a little smaller. I’m thinking about getting them bigger just one size maybe.

Howard: Really? Bigger than that? What you got now? C cup?

Stephanie: No, it’s a D.

Fan: A buddy of mine, Paul, used to sleep with Stephanie and said that you love to be tied up and loved an*l?

Howard: Stephanie, that’s a heavy accusation. Is it true you like an*l?

Stephanie: (jokingly) I love it. Can’t get enough.

Howard: So this guy is…?

Stephanie: No. I’m open to trying anything but…

Howard: Triple H tried to give you an*l?

Stephanie: I’m sure he’d like to.

Howard: But you won’t go there?

Stephanie: I probably will at some point.

Fan: But I’m telling you that’s 100% true. I would never make up something like that.

Howard: So you have tried an*l with a guy named Paul?

Stephanie: No. Triple H is actually the first Paul I’ve ever dated that’s how I know that’s not true.

Howard: And what about being tied up in bed? You like bondage?

Stephanie: I only tried it one time and actually it was like completely unsuccessful. I’m sure if it was done the right way, maybe I would like it.

Howard: Nicole Bass, she tried to sue the WWE but nobody believed she was $exually harassed. Why is that?

Stephanie: Because she wasn’t. It was obvious, she wasn’t.

Howard: You feel she was shaking you down for some money?

Stephanie: Well of course and actually the jurors made that statement to a lot of press. They said she was just lying.

Robin: And Triple H, I think, has to testify?

Stephanie: I did too.

Howard: So you and Triple H fall in love. Does it take him a long time to get into your pants? Does he really have to prove himself to you before you give it up or do you just get crazy right away?

Stephanie: Well it took us a long time to get together. When we finally did get together…

Howard: Was it good?

Stephanie: It was great.

Howard: He bangs you very good?

Stephanie: Oh yeah.

Howard: Hard?

Stephanie: When I like it hard.

Howard: Sometimes soft?

Stephanie: Right.

Howard: You like it hard and soft?

Stephanie: I like the variation. You gotta mix it up.

Howard: You’ve ever had $ex with a woman?

Stephanie: I’ve not had $ex with a woman, but I’ve had a woman come on to me before. Actually at our last pay-per-view, I almost had HLA – hot lesbian action.

See, my guy has lost a match and I lost the bet. So I was in the ring and these two hot chicks, one was in front of me and one was behind me. Actually one of them does that playboy night show. So they were starting to kiss me and rubbing my arms and rubbing my legs and all that kind of stuff.

Howard: Did you like it?

Stephanie: Yeah, I kind of liked it.

Howard: Do you ever go to strip clubs?

Stephanie: I have been to strip club.

Howard: You ever think about like maybe getting another chick and bringing a chick home to Triple H.

Stephanie: I’m sure he’d love that but I don’t know if I could handle seeing him with another girl.

Howard: What about you and her getting on and he just watches, sits in the corner, probably touches himself?

Stephanie: But to me it’s like then he’s getting off on her too. I mean who knows maybe I’ll get there one day. I’m just not there right now.

Howard: Triple H shaves his legs?

Stephanie: Yeah, he shaves his body.

Howard: He doesn’t shave his pubes, does he?

Stephanie: No, but he’s groomed.

Howard: Are you totally shaved? I think you are.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Howard: You have no hair down there?

Stephanie: No. Except when I have gone a couple of days…

Howard: Triple H and you have $ex, what, three times a week?

Stephanie: When we see each other. Well, I don’t even count.

Howard: What kind of panties you wear? Thong?

Stephanie: Yeah.

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