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WWF Legend Once Said He Suffered A Heart Attack To Avoid Appearing On RAW

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In this flashback article, we take a look at an old shoot interview with Jim Cornette, where he gives his views on WWF Legend Sycho Sid.

Below is what Cornette said:

“Sid made a lot of money in wrestling business. And I mean right now, as Ole (Anderson) said about me one time, I’ll say the same thing about Sid. Ole said, ‘Cornette, I used to think you were a dumb f*ck. But so many other dumb f*cks have come along worse than you, you’ve moved up the ladder without doing anything’.

Sid would be one of the better workers in the business these days.

Sid, if he had just understood how to work like a giant but be vulnerable sometimes…. but he wasn’t ever dedicated fully. When he was he was in the WWF, he was making 400 grand a year.

He f***ing got hurt or whatever. He went home and Vince finally was fed up and said, ‘Tell f***ing Sid he’s going to be at RAW on Monday. He doesn’t have to wrestle but he’s got to do a promo’. Paying him 400 grand a year.

So I called his wife. He was playing softball, I’m not lying about that. And I said, ‘Sid’s got to be there. Vince says he needs to be there and do a promo, San Antonio at RAW.’ She said, ‘Sometimes Sid feels like he’d be happier if he went back to selling farm chemicals’. So he goes to San Antonio and he comes out on the stage with all the other big babyfaces at the start at segment 1 and then in segment 7 we were supposed to do the interview.

We’re looking around for Sid. Here comes f***ing Harvey Wippleman. I said, ‘Where is Sid?’. He said, ‘I just took him back to the hotel. He thinks he’s having a heart attack’.

I said, ‘So, take him to hospital.’ He said, ‘No, he wanted to go to the hotel. He thinks he’s having a heart attack.’ And he didn’t show.

He went back to the hotel and didn’t do the f***ing promo. And that’s when Vince told him that he was going to prorate his contract.

He was only gonna pay him for shows that he showed up for and he wasn’t gonna get paid for shows he didn’t. And that’s when Sid never came back.

Also, I told (Jim) Herd one time because Herd loved Sid. He just loved the way he looked and everything. I said, ‘You’d rather have Sid Vicious than Arn Anderson, wouldn’t you?’

I said, ‘Well, Sid Vicious is the kind of guy that would make you a million dollars in one night on pay-per-view’. He said, ‘What’s the matter with that?’.

I said, ‘Because after people see it, they’d never want to see it again. But Arn Anderson will draw you steady money for 20 f*ckin years.’ He couldn’t get it.”

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