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Footage Of The Undertaker Out Of Character In Ric Flair’s 30 For 30 Documentary, Big Angle Being Planned With Attacks On SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan Involved?

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Big Angle Being Planned With Attacks On SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan Involved?

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed last week’s episode of SmackDown Live and discussed how SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan might have something to do with the attacks on the blue brand by former NXT Women’s wrestlers.

Below are the highlights:

Debuts on SmackDown Live:

“We had more debuts on the SmackDown. We had some Ruby Riot. We had some Sarah Logan. We had the very talented Liv Morgan. And they attacked Naomi backstage and Becky. I mean just heavy duty beat down. I don’t know what they’re up to.

I mean maybe it’s the thing where they are just recharging the whole women’s division on both Raw and SmackDown. May be they are getting ready for Royal Rumble. That’s around the blocks. Maybe they can do something like that.

That’s a lot of women talent that they had, about six girls right, that came from…. but they can’t count Paige. She wasn’t really in NXT. She was just getting back in the ring shape at the performance center and all that stuff.

And then they came out later on and attacked Natalya and Charlotte. Before they attacked Charlotte they kind of circled the ring and then Charlotte was not going to back down. It was good. A good piece of business. And you know what, that you have these girls coming in as heels, they get put on the map ASAP. And it’s good.

Only thing that I’m starting to wonder – Is there some sort of a connection with Paige? Because I’m thinking that would have been cool if you would have saw Paige where it’s like Paige has a faction in these girls. Like that would be bada$$.”

Daniel Bryan possibly being involved in the attacks:

“Shane was talking to Daniel Bryan and it was weird. I’m noticing Daniel Bryan and he was weird during that whole backstage bit there. He was strange. He wasn’t saying nothing. And then later that night we saw Daniel Bryan walking backstage and the other backstage interview to the other girl.

She approached him and said something to him about “Do you have something to say” and he made like a smirk and he goes, “no comment”. And then he got interrupted by Kevin Owens or whoever it was.

So you know what I mean? Like there’s something Fugazi going on there. Daniel Bryan is in this story. I wonder if his wife is behind. Maybe then the Belet Twin. I don’t know. I mean they could do whatever they want. It’s work right. So it’s a story. We don’t know the story.

For example, I talked about Roman Reigns, he’s the new IC champ on Raw and Miz lost. I was thrown a fit because Miz lost and well this guy Roman Reigns doesn’t need the title which he truly doesn’t.

But unbeknown to me it’s because Miz is going into making a movie and stuff like that. That’s the word on the street. That’s the rumors on the internet. He’s gonna do a movie. That’s why they pulled it. So that’s cool.

I still don’t think Roman should be the guy. I want to see guys like a Samoa Joe with it, you know guys that need that. They really need it because they’re so damn good and they’re busting their a$$.

Back on SmackDown. So we don’t know where the story is going. They could do whatever they want with these girls from NXT.

The thing is there’s something going on with this storyline, with these girls. Because Daniel Bryan didn’t hide it well. Like he was silent when Shane was talking, when he was leaving the building. And if you listen closely… Shane said to Daniel – You did a good job hiring the girls from NXT or whatever way he worded it.

So that’s the company creatively and the writers letting us the audience know – Just so you guys know Daniel Bryan’s the guy who brought them here, not Shane. So they are letting you know that. And then Daniel Bryan’s the guy that in one of the backstage interviews:

Interviewer – “Hey, what’s the story?”

He said – “It’s pretty crazy”, whatever he said. “No comment”. He wouldn’t talk about it and then he got interrupted.”

Footage Of The Undertaker Out Of Character In Ric Flair’s 30 For 30 Documentary

Below is a video of The Undertaker being out of character in Ric Flair’s 30 For 30 Documentary:

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