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Former 3x Intercontinental Champion Returns To The Ring After WWE Release

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With a career spanning over two decades, WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Shelton Benjamin has consistently showcased his athleticism and skill in the ring. However, despite his undeniable talent, many believe that the former 3-time Intercontinental Champion’s true potential has yet to be fully realized.

Last year, Shelton’s journey took an unexpected turn when he was released from WWE in September 2023, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for the seasoned wrestler.

Undeterred by this setback, Benjamin recently made a triumphant return to the independent wrestling scene in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, determined to prove that he still has plenty to offer.

Recent rumors and discussions have hinted at the possibility of Shelton joining the ranks of All Elite Wrestling. While nothing has been confirmed regarding a potential contract or full-time deal, the prospect of Benjamin bringing his unique blend of talent to AEW has sent waves of excitement through the wrestling community.

Meanwhile, on the independent circuit, Shelton Benjamin made another notable independent wrestling appearance, this time at an Oceania Pro Wrestling’s (OPW) Australian Stampede event.

Held at Selkirk Stadium in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia on Saturday, the event featured an electrifying lineup of matches and talent, captivating audiences with its thrilling action and entertainment.

Shelton squared off against Australian Pro Wrestler Tommy Knight in a competitive bout, but the WWE Veteran emerged victorious at the end, further solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with.

In a thrilling turn of events at the show, fans were treated to an unexpected delight as WWF Legend Bret Hart made a surprise appearance. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as ‘The Hitman’ stepped into the spotlight, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

The appearance of the former 5-time WWF Champion caught many off guard but left them elated nonetheless. For fans, seeing one of their childhood heroes in the flesh was a moment to cherish, a reminder of the indelible mark Hart has left on the industry.

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