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Former Champion Returning To WWE Soon (SPOILER)

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Former NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane left WWE in the summer of 2020 after her contract expired and went back to Japan to work in STARDOM.

In August, PWInsider reported that “The Pirate Princess” has come to terms on a new deal with WWE.

The Wrestling Observer then reported that Kairi is scheduled to return to WWE in November:

“November. She’s got two more dates in Japan. I think that she’s scheduled for. She’s coming back. As far as that goes, there is something to that because, you know, she left because she wanted to return to Japan.

Then when her contract was up, she started working at STARDOM and it was kind of like, she was gonna be the big international star and knew Japan was gonna use her to come to the United States and things like that.

And I think what ended up happening is then they signed Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks). She ended up getting hurt, but they signed Mercedes to kind of take that spot. And, for Kairi, I mean, obviously when Bushiroad took over and bought STARDOM, there was a lot of hope of, the idea of like, we’re gonna, you know, the talent will get paid more.

The Bushiroad wrestling side, which is more due to New Japan than STARDOM, has not been nearly as profitable as they expected it to be. Because New Japan business is down like this. G1 is like the prime example of it.”

In an update on this situation, insider source BWE is reporting that Kairi will be “showing up soon” in WWE, which is in line with The Observer’s original report of Kairi returning in November.

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