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Former Champion Says WWE Turned Him Into A Corporate Monster

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• Former Champion Says WWE Turned Him Into A Corporate Monster

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, former Universal Champion Braun Strowman was asked to compare his time in WWE to working with EC3 in “Free the Narrative”.

Here’s what Adam Scherr (Strowman’s real name) said:

“All this crazy stuff happened that turned me into something I didn’t want to be. My end time with WWE came out of nowhere to me. It sent me into a bad place, because that was everything I’d ever cared about in my life. I thought it kind of pinnacled for me being a WWE superstar.

I said a lot in a lot of interviews that I truly believed God had put me on this earth to be a WWE Superstar. And I was starting to lean into some of these bad things and bad traits, and running off people that I cared about and taking my frustrations out on my loved ones. And it all comes spiraling down when you get that phone call and find out your contract has been terminated. I didn’t know what to do.

So there was this opportunity to go and I think when people watch this, they’ll see that’s real emotion. Some of it’s acting, but a lot of things that go through me and my character in the Free the Narrative II is real emotion. That’s me letting go of so many burdens that I’ve been carrying.

So many negative thoughts, so much bad energy. Being able to just get it out and just basically wipe my hands of a lot of stuff I’ve been carrying for years. And it’s all based around mental health. It’s so cool now that people are more willing and open to talk about mental health and everything.

I think that’s such a big thing with the Control Your Narrative series in general. We tell stories that talk about all the trials and tribulations that the wrestlers have gone through and what it’s taken to overcome that. Most of that stuff is mental.

Even with the physical injuries, there’s such a mental aspect of being able to overcome these things that I finally had an opportunity to portray, let everything out and be me. To show the world Adam.

I’ve been this monster and I had this unbelievable career being this monster, this corporate monster that I was made and turned into. But I didn’t always have the opportunities to show Adam, the human side, that I’m a real person.

Even though I look gigantic and I am gigantic and I can rip people’s skin off with my bare hands, I’m still a caring, kind human being. And this was the first time I had an opportunity to be 100% creative. No if, ands or buts.

What I said, what I wanted to do, it came off and it was so cool to being able to work with some of my closest friends and guys who reached hands out when I had nobody there for me, when I thought I was drowning. To be able to work on this product and film and edit it and make the music, everything all in house together. It was such a team building exercise and everyone at the end of it was like ‘wow.’

We got so caught up in the moment, Mike and I, for our match we were producing and putting together. We watched it back and we didn’t even realize we were doing half the stuff we did. We were so in the moment, and that’s so special about the Narrative. What we’re able to capture is raw, true emotion out of everybody in it.”

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