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Former OVW Manager Claims That Brock Lesnar Threatened To Kill Him

During a recent interview with Bill Apter, former OVW manager Kenny Bolin claimed that Brock Lesnar threatened to kill him after an OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) event.

Below is what he said:

“So the show ends, the fans are out and Brock Lesnar’s girlfriend, who he’s engaged to, who had been to my house 100 times, who I had hugged 100 times, and who I had kissed on the cheek 100 times. Well this particular night I didn’t hug her or kiss her because I was soaked in sweat so bad I wouldn’t put anybody through that including my worst enemy. So I did the “Hollywood thing” (motioned a kiss towards her cheeks). Never touched her and it wouldn’t have mattered if I did in my eyes. Here comes Brock Lesnar through the door, he’s on the ring crew. Brock comes through the door and says, “Get your hands off my woman Bolin.” So I’m thinking, “The show is over Brock, no need to carry on anything here.” I said, “Oh OK Brock, nothing out of me.” Playing along with him for whoever he’s trying to entertain.

“He says, “I mean what I say. Get your hands off her you son of a b—h.” I looked at him and I said, “Are you serious?” Then he goes on a bit of a cussing rant, telling me what he’s going to do to me if I ever touch his wife-to-be again. I said “Number one, I never touched her. Number two, I’ve kissed your woman on the cheek 100 times before and it never bothered you, what is your problem?” Now he comes over and gets in my face. I’m going, “What the heck is the matter with this guy?” So he’s nose to nose with me. He says, “You ever touch her again and I will f–king kill you. I said, “Alright Brock, point made.”

“Then his girlfriend says, “Brock leave him alone, he never touched me.” He turns to her and says, “Shut up b—h, I ain’t talking to you.” So now she’s hot. He looks at me again and I said, “You’re out of line pal. He takes his hand and pie-faces me. The worst thing I did is I didn’t go down. It pissed him off that I did not go down. My son loses it. He’s going, “Oh God, dad’s going to get killed. He runs downstairs, gets Sylvester Terkay, runs him back up. Terkay comes charging in, gets in Brock’s face and says, “Hey if you want to fight somebody, why don’t you fight somebody your size that’s capable of fighting you.” He says, “You wanna fight? Fight me.” Brock looked at him and walked away. So that’s where Brock was then as opposed to where he is now, because now that might be a different story.”

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