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Former WCW Wrestler Not Going To Jail After Hitting A 5 Year Old Boy With His Car


• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (May 20, 2001) – WWF Judgment Day 2001

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on May 20, 2001, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘Judgment Day 2001’ LIVE on PPV from the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California.

It was the 3rd Judgment Day PPV out of 11 that WWF/WWE aired between 1998 and 2009.

Here are the PPV results:

– William Regal defeated Rikishi

– 2-out-of-3-falls for Angle’s Gold Medal: Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit

– Triple threat – WWF Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) defeated Big Show and Test

– WWF Women’s Championship: Chyna (c) defeated Lita

– Chain match – WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kane defeated Triple H (c)

– Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho won a #1 contenders Tag team turmoil match

– No Holds Barred – WWF Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) defeated The Undertaker

• Former WCW Wrestler Not Going To Jail After Hitting A 5 Year Old Boy With His Car

Former WCW wrestler Van Hammer (Mark Hildreth) was charged with DUI in January after he hit a 5-year-old boy with his car.

He was driving his car at 58 mph in a 35 mph speed zone and hit the boy, who was on his bicycle, and then left the scene.

He has been found guilty of the crime, but he won’t face full consequences for it.

He pleaded guilty to one count of DUI, causing property damage, and injury as part of a plea deal. He was sentenced to one year probation and a year of suspension from his driver’s license. He will also have an interlock device installed on his car for a year.

If he would’ve fought the case in court, he would’ve lost it and faced serious consequences.

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