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Former WCW Wrestler Says Kurt Angle Looked Lost At TLC 2017 & His Timing Was Off, Former WWF Wrestler Recalls Steve Austin Telling Him To F*** Off

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Former WWF Wrestler Recalls Steve Austin Telling Him To F*** Off

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, former WCW & WWF wrestler Erik Watts recalled working with Steve Austin. Below is what he had to say:

“Steve Austin or Steve Williams on the day I met him, he was new. He was an athlete, he was a stud and he was competitive. I named my paint company after something he said. It was me and Dustin Rhodes that were going to wrestle him and Flyin’ Brian and as you know, as a rookie you go up and say thank you for the opportunity and ask if there is anything that I can do special?

I had asked Steve is there anything special I can do for you and Brian and we were at Center Stage and he looked me right in the face and said: “Son, I’m going to promise you two things: an a$$-whooping and a brush with success.” He said: “You are going to brush up against me and I am a success. Now f*** off.”

On the inside, Erik Watts wanted to just jab him in the mouth and see where it went because I just went up to be respectful and instead I just walked off and went around the corner and kind of started laughing because that guy right there is awesome.

In his character he knew he was great and Pillman was the same way, they knew they were great and knew they were unstoppable and knew they were the best in the business, the only difference was it wasn’t their time yet. That was the aura of those guys.”

WWE Makes Big Mistake In Asuka & Shinsuke Nakamura’s Debuts?

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about Asuka having her first two matches on the WWE main roster against Emma and Shinsuke Nakamura having his first two matches on the main roster against Dolph Ziggler.

Below is what he said:

“If you noticed, who did they put Asuka in the ring with and who did they put Nakamura in the ring with in their debut? Asuka was in there with Emma and if I recall correctly, Nakamura was in there with Ziggler, right?

The point of this is in both cases, if you look at their opponent in a vacuum, I mean if you imagine in a perfect world Nakamura and Ziggler should be a great match and Emma and Askua should be a great match.

Now in both cases, they weren’t great matches and in both cases, the person who was put in there was somebody that the fans saw as a geek.

It would be great in a vacuum if Asuka and Emma had a blow-away match in her debut, but it’s Emma. Emma couldn’t even get on TV. Looks at Ziggler before he had that match with Nakamura…nobody cared one bit about Ziggler. He was a geek.

So when you debut them with those guys you can’t just look at it as ‘will it be a great match?’ You have to look at it like what do the fans think about the opponent and what are they gonna think about the debuting wrestler if they go toe-to-toe with this person the way they’re portrayed on TV. In both cases, it was a big mistake.”

Former WCW Wrestler Says Kurt Angle Looked Lost At TLC 2017 & His Timing Was Off

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WCW wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrasso talked about Old School WWF Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle returning to in-ring action at TLC 2017.

Below is what he said:

“We don’t bash people here. We tell the truth. Everybody can look at it as an opinion. Everybody can see what it is. When you haven’t wrestled in over a year or two years, you don’t go back in and you don’t be the same wrestler that you were.

You could work out in the gym and keep your body in shape, but being that wrestling machine you just don’t, you just don’t, it’s not the same. You’re not the same guy. And watching Kurt Angle, when he came out he was a guy who looked like he hadn’t wrestled in a while.

He looked lost at times. He looked bewildered. He was waiting and watching and selling and he really wasn’t doing much. His timing was off. He just looked like a guy who hadn’t wrestled and didn’t belong in the room.

Guys, it is what it is. Kurt Angle was a fill-in. He wasn’t supposed to wrestle. He went out there. He did the best he could. He did the best job he possibly could do.”

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