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10. Former WCW Star Says Vince McMahon Is Satan As A Boss, Says Officials Wanted Him To Fail In His First WWE Match

During a recent interview with Cult of Whatever, former WCW Star Buff Bagwell talked about Vince McMahon, his first match in WWE being against Booker T in the main event of Raw & more. Below are the highlights:

On Vince McMahon as a boss:

On his first match in WWE being against Booker T in the main event of Raw:
“What people don’t realize is that they put Booker T and myself on as the main event of Monday Night Raw for the WCW World Title in Seattle, Washington with all of the odds against us. A week later WWE were going to be in Atlanta, Georgia, why could they have not waited seven days and put Booker T v Buff Bagwell for the WCW World Championship on in Atlanta which was the home of WCW instead of seven days earlier in Seattle where we got booed out of the building. My honest opinion is that it was set up for us to fail, it didn’t work and we knew we shouldn’t have been in the main event, we knew there was something wrong about it but you don’t ask questions in this business you just go and do what your told.”

On The New Blood stable in WCW:

“I think The New Blood would’ve made it but at the time AOL Time Warner didn’t want to be a part of professional wrestling anymore. I really think New Blood could of worked as a group; the problem was the older guys in wrestling didn’t like the angle, they didn’t want to be called old on television. I think if they went along with it, the young guys could have had a go at the older guys and then the older guys could of come back and said look at what we’ve achieved and you haven’t. I thought the angle could have really worked but we never had the chance to do it.”

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