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Former WWE Champion Officially Pulled From WrestleMania 40

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WrestleMania 40 will take place in Philadelphia, which was the home of ECW, a promotion where Rob Van Dam gained a lot of popularity.

When priority passes for this event went on sale, one of the experiences for the Champion’s Package was an “ECW experience with Rob Van Dam”.

However, that’s no longer the case as WWE has pulled RVD from the biggest show of 2024, due to RVD working with AEW these days.

On his podcast, RVD revealed that AEW immediately booked him for this week’s Dynamite in Philadelphia after WWE pulled him:

“I got a phone call, I picked up because it was from the big company, and had a little talk, and got officially unbooked from Philly. About 30 minutes later, I got another message. Got officially rebooked in Philly from another company. So that was pretty good.

The reason I don’t want to put too much detail on that is because word got out when I said before that I was unbooked and it kind of worked against me because then I had someone inside working on trying to do some damage repair and then I got people on Twitter saying, ‘Let’s pass this around, man. We need RVD rebooked,’ and I was trying not to give that much attention to it because I had someone working on it.

Either way, different dates, same town. This one is becoming more and more valuable than the other one to me each time anyway.”

RVD teamed up with FTW Champion Hook (Taz’s son) to defeat John Silver & Alex Reynolds of Dark Order on last night’s Dynamite.

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