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Former WWE Diva Talks About Issues With Randy Orton & Edge That Led To Her Departure

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran “Sir” Mo (Real name: Robert Horne) celebrates his 56th birthday today.

He was part of the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team ‘Men on a Mission’ with his team partner Mabel from 1993 till 1995.

Together, they won the WWF World Tag Team Championship from The Quebecers on March 29, 1994 in London, England, but lost them back to The Quebecers just 2 days later in Sheffield, England.

Both title changes happened at untelevised house shows and at this point it’s not known, whether the full matches were even taped by the WWF or not.


• Former WWE Diva Talks About Issues With Randy Orton & Edge That Led To Her Departure

During a recent YouTube video, former WWE Diva Amy Weber talked about issues with Randy Orton and Edge that led to her departure from the company.

While doing in-ring training, Amy cracked her tailbone and the trainer told her to grab two ibuprofen and some ice from the men’s locker room and that’s where the issues began.

Below is what Amy said:

“The trainer told me to go into the men’s locker room and to grab two ibuprofen and some ice. So when I was on the plane on the way back to Alaska, we had more matches there and more TV to tape.

I was laying across three seats. We were all sleeping and I’m going to go ahead and call people out. Randy Orton decided to come up behind my chair and he slammed into it like a linebacker so hard that I landed on the floor behind the airplane and then he said, ‘you’re gonna learn b*tch.’ I didn’t understand what he was talking about. So I turned around and went back to sleep.

I was awoken by someone pouring a drink in my face. So immediately I popped up, I looked up and I saw Edge with a partially drank drink in his hand. It was the same color that was basically all over me.

So I stood up on the airplane seat and I was eye to eye with him and I said, ‘do you have a problem with me?’ and he goes, ‘what are you talking about?’ Of course, he denied it, the drink was in his hand.

I said, ‘come on you want to fight me? let’s go you want to be a man, go ahead let’s go, fight me. You wanna pour a drink on me?’ And he kept denying it, but I know he did it. I saw the cup in his hand.

At the end of the day, did I deserve it because I took two ibuprofen that the trainer told me to take and some ice from the guy’s locker room? I don’t think so.

Just as a human being…you just don’t do that to people. I didn’t think I was better than anybody else but I did feel like I was deserving of respect because that’s what I gave to every other wrestler in that entire company.”

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