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Former WWE Star Almost Died In 2021

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• Former WWE Star Almost Died In 2021

During an interview on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, former WWE Superstar Kalisto (age 36) revealed that he almost died in 2021 due to COVID-19.

Kalisto said that he made the mistake of not going to the hospital right away after things got bad.

Below is what the former United States Champion said:

“After getting released from WWE, I was like, ‘I’m going to get back on the grind, I’m motivated’. [COVID-19] just hit me out of nowhere.

I waited two weeks because I didn’t want to pay a damn hospital bill. That was my mistake because I was starting to be delusional. My brain was fried. My wife was sick, but not as sick as me. My fever wouldn’t go down, I was coughing up blood every day for two weeks.

I guess I passed out a couple of times and hit my head. I was white. I didn’t tell anybody, not even my parents. They were pissed off. In the hospital, they were going to put me in a coma, but my wife said no.

‘He’s not going to come back. He’s going to die.’ My heart stopped beating, they needed to revive me. My heart stopped and kicked back. It was like three times. I was in and out with that. I was super tired and just wanted to sleep.

From what my wife was telling me, it was really bad. I ended up staying in the ER for two and a half months. I was on close watch because my heart kept stopping. It was scary because I was alone. Only a few people knew.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (April 12, 2016) – Old School ECW Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2016, we lost Old School ECW Veteran Balls Mahoney (Real name: Jonathan Rechner) at the age of 44 due to a heart attack.

The first time we saw him on TV was when he did televised jobs for the World Wrestling Federation in 1992 and later joined Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994.

Before Balls Mahoney made a name for himself in Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling, he portrayed The Million Dollar Man’s evil Santa Claus called “Xanta Klaus” on WWF TV for a short period of time.

In ECW, he won 3 Tag Team Championships, 2 with Spike Dudley and 1 with Masato Tanaka.


April 11, 1972 – April 12, 2016

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