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Former WWE Star Comments On WWE Dropping The Ball With Wade Barrett, Enzo Amore Reveals Neville’s Crazy WWE Schedule


• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 10, 1988) – WWF Wrestling Challenge

On this day in 1988, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Wrestling Challenge’.

This episode featured matches & storyline segments, taped in Fort Myers, Fordia, on the road to the upcoming Royal Rumble 1988 TV event.

Here is the card:

– British Bulldogs vs. Scrubs

– Outlaw Ron Bass vs. Scrub

– Dino Bravo Interview

– Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scrub

– Killer Bees Interview,

– Hart Foundation and Danny David vs. Scrubs

– Ted Dibiase Interview

– Sam Houston vs. Scrub

– Greg The Hammer Valentine vs. Scrub

– Koko B Ware vs. Rick Renslow

– Ricky Steamboat Interview

• Enzo Amore Reveals Neville’s Crazy WWE Schedule

During a recent interview with The Sun, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore had the following to say regarding Neville’s crazy WWE schedule:

“Neville is one of my favorite pros in the business. He carried NXT with that title and was a tag-team champion there. Then he worked the 205 division with the hardest schedule in silence, he was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then Mondays and Tuesdays.

When guys were catching red-eye flights from the west coast after Raw, Neville was driving on to the next town or taking an early morning flight. It’s the hardest schedule in pro wrestling because you are closing out 205 Live at the end of the week.

I hope Neville comes back and we feud. I have never seen a guy work like he does.”

• Former WWE Star Comments On WWE Dropping The Ball With Wade Barrett

During a recent edition of “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback had the following to say regarding WWE dropping the ball with Wade Barrett:

“He’s one of the guys that universally, everyone that was there, especially when I was there, the ball was dropped numerous times with him. He is 6’6, 6’7, always in shape, but at one point he was in ridiculous shape.

For a guy that size you have a big frame already, he was absolutely shredded; even though he got a little thin at one point, he got so shredded, but they were not doing anything with him as far as being used.

There were numerous points he should have won the Championship. He’s had a lot of success there, they never pulled the trigger at the right times.”

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