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Former WWE Star Reveals How He Saved Randy Orton From A Fan Attack

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During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, former WWE wrestler Trevor Murdoch talked about getting arrested (along with his tag team partner Lance Cade) in Belfast, Ireland after he punched a fan that was bothering Randy Orton, who was the WWE Champion at the time.

Orton, Murdoch & other WWE Superstars were in a hotel bar when a fan approached Randy and asked for his autograph. Orton gave him the autograph, but the fan refused to leave.

Here’s what Murdoch said:

“We’re all sitting there and talking. A fan comes up to Randy and asks him to sign a piece of paper for him. Randy grabs it, signs it, gives it back, and the guy asks Randy to sign something else.

Randy says, ‘Hey man, I’m with my friends, I signed your paper, please leave us alone and let us go about our business.’

This fan turned irate, instant bipolar disorder, I guess. ‘Who the hell are you?’ Starts screaming at Randy. ‘We paid for your tickets. We’re the reason you’re so popular,’ and really being aggressive with him.

Randy stands up in his chair and starts looking around for security. He yells to security, ‘This guy is trying to grab my balls, he’s trying to grab my balls. Get him out of here.’ Security runs over, grabs him and takes him out. We go back to talking and having a good time.”

However, that fan came back:

“Randy was a pressure cooker at the time and we were all taking a deep breath like, ‘this could be bad.’ Randy goes, ‘Please leave me alone. I signed what you needed. I want to have time with my friends. Please leave me alone.’

The fan goes nuts again, yelling and screaming at him. Randy stands up again and screams at security, ‘He grabbed my balls this time. He got in there. Get him out of here.’ They take him out, they swear to us he’s out of the hotel. We go back to having a good time. The bar closes down, we have about two hours before we get on the bus and head to the airport.

We’re walking out of the bar and Lance is walking in front of Randy. About ten steps behind Lance is Randy, ten steps behind Randy is me. As we’re walking out of the bar, the guy we thought got thrown out was hiding behind the hotel lobby and is running around. He was going to hit Randy from behind.

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