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Former WWE Wrestler On Becoming Bitter Towards WWE After His Release

During a recent interview on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer, former WWE wrestler Matt Morgan talked about how he got into wrestling, not being told to go to the indies, being released from WWE & more. Below are the highlights:

On how he got into the Wrestling business:
“I lived twenty minutes from Titan Towers in Connecticut. One night I was working as a bouncer and a guy from the WWF RAW magazine came into the bar, he said to me, ‘Have you ever thought about wrestling?’ I said, ‘Yea!’ He told me to start coming to WWF Titan Towers on Friday nights and he’ll get me into their gym.”

On being told to not work on the indies:
“I was working out at the gym hoping to run into someone, and then I met [then WWE Trainer] Tom Prichard. Tom said, ‘Don’t go the independent route, because I’m just going to have to [retrain] everything they teach you. Tom told me that ‘If anything comes up, or a tryout, I’ll let you know.'”

On being picked for Tough Enough 2:
“I was given Jim Ross’s contact information from Vince McMahon and found out about Tough Enough. I sent in an audition tape to Kevin Kelly, but he didn’t turn my tape in on time for the first series of it. I then get a call from this agency saying, “Hey, we want you to fly out to Vegas to try out for MTV’s Tough Enough 2. I was picked for the next season, I was flabbergasted.”

On getting bitter towards WWE:

“So long story short, when I got my release, I got a call from Johnny Ace saying, ‘Look, we need to get the character off TV.’ Johnny said ‘Go to Japan for six months to a year, we’ll bring you back and hopefully everyone will have forgotten the character and we can do something new with you.’ I told Johnny cool and WWE sets me up to go to New Japan, got paid really well, but I got really bitter and pi$$ed off.

I then decide, you know what? I’m going to shove this up their ass and go to TNA and be ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan and show them exactly what they missed out on.”

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