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Former WWE Wrestler Claims Vince McMahon Was Disrespectful About Brodie Lee’s Death

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Jon Huber, who was known as Luke Harper in WWE and Brodie Lee in AEW, passed away on December 26, 2020 at the age of 41 due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

During an interview on the Cafe De Rene podcast, former WWE wrestler Viktor of The Ascension said he lost a lot of respect for Vince McMahon after he heard what the then WWE CEO was saying about Brodie.

Here’s what Viktor said:

“I lost a lot of respect for him after Brodie Lee passed away because I heard he made some remarks to people that were not very becoming of him.

I knew how much Brodie had tried to really just be a person with Vince and really make WWE his family, and Vince just wouldn’t have it. Like, he just hated him for some reason.

I was really surprised at how Vince took Brodie’s death and how little he cared, how much it pi$$ed him off that people did care about it.

So once I heard that, I was just kind of like, ‘well if that’s going to be the guy running a company, I don’t ever want to work for him again’.”

Below are Jon Huber’s top accomplishments in pro-wrestling:

– 1x WWE Intercontinental Champion

– 2x WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion

– 1x NXT Tag Team Champion

– 1x AEW TNT Champion

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