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Former WWE Wrestler Says He Almost Landed A Role In “The Walking Dead”, Former WWE Wrestler Says SmackDown Live Wrestler Needs To Hit The Gym

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Former WWE Wrestler Says SmackDown Live Wrestler Needs To Hit The Gym, On Jinder Mahal Possibly Cutting Promo In A Foreign Language Only, Vince Russo Explains Why SmackDown Live Guys Are Pu$$ies

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo & former WWE wrestler Vito LoGrasso (along with the co-hosts of the podcast) discussed SmackDown Live officials having tight security to prevent Raw from attacking them, Jinder Mahal’s promo, Sami Zayn & more. Below are the highlights:

On SmackDown Live officials having tight security to prevent Raw stars from attacking them:

Russo: They attacked Raw, right? Why do they have security around the building? I mean wouldn’t they want these guys to come back? Wouldn’t they be waiting to ambush these guys at their arena? They’re pu$$ies bro. You attack these guys. Now you’re locking them out of the arena. Okay, so now you’re a bunch of pu$$ies.

Kenny: I didn’t really look at it that way at that time, but that’s about exactly what they were doing. And every mark out there knew that there was gonna be a take over by Raw. They were gonna come in and lay all of SmackDown out. Now we’re even. Now we got three or four weeks to go or the pay per view.

I was telling there’s no way in hell they’re gonna do that that night. They got three or four weeks. It’s gonna look even dumber than what they did on Raw if they do the same thing here especially knowing that it’s coming. So fortunately at least they didn’t do that last week.

Vito: The invasion angle where they had to lock the doors it reminded of waiting for the invasion of the the DX at WCW, the recent invasion of Cody Rhodes and the boys going to Raw brand with Jimmy Jacobs taking a selfie. When you got competition you want to prove how tough you are guys.

You open your doors and you say come on into my house because I’m gonna kick the @##@$#%^%$@#$. And these guys really let the ball loose. At least if somebody would have showed up. At least if something would have happened.

If there was a bomb scare, a bomb threat, a gas bomb going off or on an explosion – just so there was something. Raw brand went off without a beat. It was dead. I hated it. It was terrible.

On last week’s episode being written around Sami Zayn:

Russo: If you would have told me before the show started that Sami Zayn was gonna be in the first segment and the main event, I would have saved myself two hours. If you’re telling me this show is gonna be written around Sami Zayn, I’m watching something on the Food Network.

Vito: Sami Zayn coming out to open the show, I don’t know what kind of move. When you’re a heel you power-walk to the ring. You don’t shuck and jive and Juke and act like a dork. You don’t come out and start to have this ……. his charisma, when he’s trying to talk tough. This is not the way you talk to Shane McMahon.

This is not the way you carry yourself as a heel. And by God, please go to the gym because when you take your shirt off you look like the guy next door, the milkman. I just, I can’t stand this guy. It brings nothing to the table. He might be a nice kid, but he really does suck as a heel.

On WWE Champion Jinder Mahal’s promos:

Russo: I want to see a guy from a foreign land like India, like Jinder Mahal, I want to see him in the ring cut a promo. And I want to hear the marks start chanting USA. And rather than be upset and cover your ears, I would just love to see one of these guys say – “What a bunch of freaking marks! Do you really think I’m gonna get upset if you chant USA?” I want to see that one freaking time.

Vito: How come we couldn’t have Jinder Mahal start off and just talk in his language. Just talk a foreign language without him talking English. Come out and do his thing and then walk off every week. Have the announcers try to translate. I think it would be more effective for the next heel gimmick to be able to do that and not speak any English at all.

More people gonna have to bend their ear to listen if you don’t speak their language. They’re gonna hope to hear at least one word of English from you. So that means now you have everybody listening to your promo hoping to say something in English.

Kenny: I like part of that and I’ll tell you why. What I would do, now that I’ve heard you say this, they asking backstage – “Hey we know you know both languages. You’re in America. Why don’t you speak American?”

JINDER – “Well, who do you think I’m gonna speak to? Am I gonna speak to the 1.3 billion in my country or am I gonna speak to the 300 million in the United States? I’m gonna talk to the numbers.”

Former WWE Wrestler Says He Almost Landed A Role In “The Walking Dead”

During a recent appearance on the WrestlingInc podcast, former WWE wrestler Matt Morgan revealed that he almost landed the role of “Sgt. Abraham Ford” on “The Walking Dead”.

Below is what he said:

“I auditioned for that part and I was all-but-told that it was mine, so I got bit*hy about it and refused to watch the show because I didn’t get it (*laughs*).

I was at my brother’s house in Boston, supposed to be there for the holidays, and I didn’t pay attention to anybody because I was supposed to be memorizing my scripts, and then at the last second they pulled the carpet out from underneath me.”

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